The latest addition to the menu is said to be an irresistible treat for tea lovers.

Starbucks Japan is committed to upping the wow factor with every new Frappuccino release and their next flavour combination is said to be a fruity tea-based creation that will have tea lovers squealing for joy.

Called the Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino, the new beverage is designed to herald in the warm spring season with gorgeous citrus flavours and aromas, combined with a creamy base containing tea and coconut milk. The star ingredients of mango and mandarin are said to combine beautifully with the mild flavour of coconut milk, and roasted coconut pieces have even been added to the mix to provide an interesting textural element to the drink.

The cold Frappuccino will be released alongside the hot Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea, which is made with Starbucks’ popular Youthberry tea. The Youthberry tea mix, which contains hints of apple, hibiscus, candied mango, red currants, candied pineapple, açaí fruit and rose hip peel, will be given a boost of mango and mandarin flavours in its saucy topping. The mix of sweet and tart flavours in the fruity tea is perfectly balanced with the coconut milk cream topping, creating a warm and cheerful drink perfect for enjoying in the spring sunshine.

Both drinks will be on sale from 15 March until 12 April, with the Frappuccino retailing for 570 yen (US$5) and the tea ranging in price from 430 yen for a short size up to 550 yen for the large Venti size. Given the enormous popularity of their first-ever fruit tea Frappuccino last year, this one looks sure to be another hit for Starbucks, so be sure to pop by and try one while you can!

Source, images: Starbucks Press Release