Visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky goes all out to sell his beloved Suzuki Vitara.

As anyone who has seen the Top Gear team’s efforts to destroy a Toyota Hilux will know, Japanese SUVs and pickups are near-indestructible. Japanese lawnmowers aren’t too shabby either. According to his video though, Israel-based Eugene Romanovsky‘s Suzuki sets the bar even higher, suggesting that Japanese-made vehicles’ reliability really is out of this world.

In the video, his plucky little 4×4 (and proclaimed best friend for 10 years) manages to cross vistas as varied as the dinosaur-populated island of Jurassic Park, the sand dunes of Mad Max: Fury Road, the bottom of the ocean and the cratered surface of the moon, all while being pummelled by sandstorms and avalanches and going through some pretty heavy landings. The insurance premiums must have been astronomical.

While some might consider it implausible that a 1996 model Suzuki could have been present at the moon landings, the next scene shows the iconic flame trails of a Back to the Future Delorian. That explains it.

▼ With the agility and handling to dodge Tyrannosaurus, because you never know.

While some secondhand car salesmen are thought to be a bit economical with the truth, Romanovsky kindly adds a disclaimer that the car hasn’t actually experienced all the things we see in the video. Handy, for viewers who may have been reaching for their credit cards to get this piece of automotive history.

Source, images: YouTube/Eugene Romanovsky