Beautiful Japanese booth babe uses her fingers to create the Suzuki “S” sign on her chest 【Video】

A sure-fire way to stop traffic, no matter what car you’re driving.

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The secondhand Suzuki that has been everywhere, including the moon?【Video】

Visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky goes all out to sell his beloved Suzuki Vitara.

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Mr. Sato gets surprised with the Mr. Sato Car for his birthday

Usually people would be happy to get a car for their birthday, but in this case we were giving Mr. Sato even odds that he might punch us.

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Beep beep! Mr. Sato Car coming through! 【Pics】

You might see RocketNews24’s itasha, the Mr. Sato Car, driving through your neighborhood. Just follow the sounds of people retching!

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Photos reveal Yamaha and Suzuki’s startlingly different approaches to scooter storage space

In the US, you don’t see a whole lot of people putting around on tiny scooters very often. The long highway commutes and high speed limits make your standard Vespa types pretty impractical for all but the most dedicated of Williamsburg hipsters.

It’s another story in Japan, though, where road commutes are comparatively shorter and speed limits within the city are only a little faster than a light jog anyway. Scooters are a common sight and come in tons of varieties, with two of Japan’s two-wheeled vehicle heavyweights, Suzuki and Yamaha, neck and neck for market share.

But it turns out that the two companies’ nearly identical scooter designs take a remarkably different tack when it comes to storage space. Tennis enthusiasts, especially, may want to take note:

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Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki retires as producer

Suzuki takes less hands-on role at studio he co-founded with Hayao MiyazakiIsao Takahata.

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Suzuki bringing back ghosts of the 80s with turbocharged motorcycle

Sometimes ideas are too ahead of their time and get forgotten over the years. In 1978, Kawasaki released the Z1R TC, the first motorcycle to use a Turbocharged engine which gave it noticeably more power that other engines of the same size. However, after a brief love affair that lasted into the early ’80s, Japanese bike manufacturers turned their backs on the technology.

Now at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show from 23 November to 1 December, Suzuki is looking to bring it back with their new concept Recursion sports motorcycle which promises to go back and rectify all the problems that dogged turbocharged bikes of the past.

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