Tip is a God-send for Net surfers and illustrators alike, and all you need is a pen (but you won’t be using it as a stylus).

I can’t recall the last time I saw someone bothering to use a stylus with their smartphone or tablet. Besides the inconvenience of having to carry one more thing in your bag or pocket, there’s also the fact that, scratch-resistant screen or not, using a stylus means tapping and dragging a hard plastic point across the device’s glass all day long.

However, there’s a major downside to using your fingertip on a touchscreen. The total physical contact point where you finger touches the glass tends to be larger than the activated selection point. What’s more, the exact position where the “cursor” would be is hidden by the top of your finger, making your fingertip far less precise than a stylus would be.

But Japanese Twitter user @nnnnnwww_ has no problems selecting icons on a smartphone with pinpoint accuracy using his finger. Not only that, he can even draw illustrations, including perfectly closed circles, thanks to an extremely clever idea.


By using a pen to draw a small cross on his fingernail, @nnnnnwww_ is able to operate his smartphone as though he has an on-screen cursor. “It’s really easy to close up circles, and it makes it seem like your finger has become clear,” @nnnnnwww_ said in the tweet showcasing the inventive strategy.

If you’re looking for a more easily reversible method, putting a small sticker on your fingernail should let you achieve similar results. Still, the crossed lines, with their “X-marks-the-spot” accuracy, seems like the most effective technique, and if you’re in the mood to try it out, here’ a little bit of target practice for you.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@nnnnnwww_