Will treatments leave your skin smooth and shiny, or itchy and tasty?

While I’ve not yet had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, I’ve always thought that it seems like an intriguing place to visit. It’s got beautiful scenery, a rich history, and if nothing else, it’s the birthplace of the banh mi sandwich, one of the world’s truly great foods.

And yet, I’m suddenly thinking that maybe travelers should give Vietnam a wide berth, since new information suggests it’s the single most likely place for a zombie outbreak to happen in the near future.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the Medcare Skin Centre, outwardly, offers dermatological treatments. It tries to put on a warm facade, with a photo of its staff under the clinic’s motto, “Our mission is your satisfaction.”

But video game fans will know better than to take the facility at face value. That’s because while the name on the building might say Medcare Skin Centre, the logo is an exact match for the Umbrella Corporation, the sinister multinational corporation behind the zombie-producing viruses of the Resident Evil franchise.

And when I say exact, I mean exact, right down to the eight alternating fields of red and white, with red sections forming a plus and the white ones an X.

▼ Is that injection botox, or the T-virus?

Less savvy observers might be tempted to write this all off as a combination of lazy graphic design and lax local enforcement of copyright laws. However, those of us who are better informed know that while zombie weaponization and other reanimation-related warfare applications are the secret priorities of Umbrella, the corporation maintains a much more respectable public face. As a matter of fact, the first live-action Resident Evil movie even informs us that “In public, it is the world’s leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare,” meaning that the Medcare Skin Centre melds nicely with two of Umbrella’s primary fronts.

▼ The logo even appears on the towels wrapped around customers (or are they zombie conversion test subjects?).

Thankfully, it looks like the clinic’s Umbrella overlords have mistakenly left an escape option for those clever enough to notice it,

Medcare’s website has a photo of a pilot, who could ostensibly fly you to safety before the S.T.A.R.S. team or some other zombie-eradication task force swoops in and destroys the entire facility.

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Source: Geek Culture via Game Spark via Hachima Kiko
Images: Medcare Skin Centre

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