Medical bills to be free in all Tokyo wards for high school students, younger kids from next year

System has no family income restrictions and will address low birth rate, politicians hope.

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Pocari Sweat offers free self-care packages for those battling COVID-19 at home

They will deliver 12 bottles of Pocari Sweat plus 36 sachets of frozen drinks.

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Resident Evil’s zombie-making Umbrella Corporation logo spotted at skin clinic in Vietnam

Will treatments leave your skin smooth and shiny, or itchy and tasty?

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Student takes mechanical pencil lead to the groin in a possible attempt to skip exam

When I was in school, it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for a classmate to claim that his dog ate his homework or ask to see the school nurse about a stomachache only moments before a big test. I myself remember having to tell one of my elementary school teachers that I couldn’t turn in my math assignment because my cat had vomited all over it. (She didn’t believe me, so the next morning I bagged it and left it on her desk.)

Nowadays, it seems like students have become even more creative with their excuses, like one male university student who recently had to visit the hospital to get some pencil lead removed from his urethra.

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South Korean skin and allergy clinic uses unusually crude ads to attract new patients【Videos】

While many Japanese believe hay fever, or kafunsho as it’s known here, to be something unique to Japan, there appear to be just as many suffers of pollen allergies in South Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia. For those unfortunate enough to be stuck with the nasty symptoms these allergies bring on, spring and summer can be the worst seasons of the year, leaving many to seek professional help for their nasal and respiratory issues.

But with the abundance of allergy medications now on the market and competition for business between clinics, it can be pretty hard to get your name out there. Among all those commercials for featuring happy patients enjoying active lifestyles after treating their allergies, one clinic in South Korea specializing in atophy, rhinitis, and asthma has decided to shake things up a little with their unusual advertisements full of lowbrow humor.

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Nuts for Nissan: Man willing to give testicle for Fairlady Z

It’s an age-old expression of a guy who wants something really badly, but who would have thought that a dude’s dangly bits could actually be indirectly used to acquire the goods or services he desired?

We can thank Mark Parisi for this revelation when he appeared on the American TV show The Doctors to share his lucrative ventures into being a medical guinea pig. The Las Vegas resident is hoping to parlay a donation of his testicle towards the purchase of a Nissan Fairlady Z (named 370Z outside of Japan).

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The last thing you want doctors to find when examining your 2-year-old son: a fetus

For many parents, one of the hardest things to accept is that their children are growing up. Every milestone on the path to adulthood seems like it comes too soon, whether it’s finishing school or moving out of the house. Perhaps there’s no greater shock than the day a doctor tells you your child is carrying a fetus. Especially if your child is two. And, especially, if your child is a boy, as was the case for one family in China.

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