ANA’s Pokémon plane will be ready for international flights in time for the summer travel season.

Taking a trip overseas is always exciting, but the experience is even more special when you’ve got some good friends along for the ride. And this summer, Pokémon fans flying on ANA might have a whole crew of pals accompanying them thanks to the return of the adorable, and awesome, Pikachu Jet!

The Pikachu Jet NH, as it’s officially called, is the latest collaboration between ANA and the Pokémon franchise, and the first in seven years. It’s a Boeing 787-9 that seats 246 passengers, a significant percentage of whom will be emitting gasps of joy upon seeing the fuselage decked out with images of not just Pikachu but over a dozen flight-capable Pocket Monsters, ranging from starter Rowlet to third-evolution-tier Charizard and Legendary Pokémon Latios, Latias, and Rayquaza, plus Poké Balls on the engine housing exteriors.

In addition to Pokémon programming as part of the inflight video entertainment options, ANA is also promising a special Pokémon-themed interior and exclusive souvenir items for Pikachu Jet passengers, which will be unveiled at a later date. What has been revealed, though, is the routes that the plane will be flying, and in keeping with the Pokémon franchise’s global popularity, all of the potential Pikachu Jet routes are international flights connecting the rest of the world with Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

Pikachu Jet flights
Haneda ⇔ Honolulu (flights NH186, NH185)
Haneda ⇔ Vancouver (NH116, NH115)
Haneda ⇔ Sydney (NH879, NH880, NH889, NH890)
Haneda ⇔ Bangkok (NH847, NH850, NH849, NH848)
Haneda ⇔ Singapore (NH841, NH844, NH843, NH842)
Haneda ⇔ Jakarta (NH855, NH856)
Haneda ⇔ Manilla (NH869, NH870)
Haneda ⇔ Ho Chi Minh City (NH891, NH892)
Haneda ⇔ Delhi (NH837, NH838)

Note, though, that while the Pikachu Jet will be flying all of those routes, not every flight on those routes will be the Pikachu Jet, so there’s an element of luck required to find it, sort of like the random encounters in the Pokémon video games.

The Pikachu Jet’s first flight will be June 4, in time for the summer travel season, and it’ll be making its trips to and from Japan until October 28.

Source: ANA via IT Media
Images: ANA
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