Witness history in the making as the first ever musical album composed by a news-oriented website (we assume) hits iTunes and Amazon this July!

The day 9 June is known to some in Japan as Rock Day, thanks to the pronunciation of the numbers 6 and 9 (rokkyu). Consider that is also the first four letters of Rock-etNews24, our Japanese-language sister site, and this is perhaps the most auspicious day for us release an original four-song album by the website is set to be released on iTunes and Amazon.

This EP titled “RocketMan/Song of RocketNews24” will feature both songs in the title. There will also be the tender ballad about a man who put too much sugar in his coffee, “Funky Sweetened Chemical Coffee,” plus one totally new track.

▼ Funky Sweetened Chemical Coffee
(Lyrics: Funky Sato, Music: DJ Mineral & Famichiki)


The hardest of hardcore readers will likely remember “RocketMan” as the one-off single produced by our Japanese-language correspondent Seiji Nakazawa and recorded by the entire staff for Music Day, 19 March, 2016.

That was the impetus that set off this 16-month journey. The original “RocketMan” was created as a labor of love by Seiji put together from scratch in about a month, which is impressive to say the least. But still, considering the time and money limitations, it still left something to be desired.

So, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the additional resources to remix “RocketMan” and the three other tracks were obtained. We also enlisted the idol group the There There Theres for supporting vocal work.

No corners were cut in producing this album and Seiji painstakingly ensured that every song was recorded as it should be. It was a long and hard process though, and one that at several times did not look like he was going to survive.

But with a huge thanks to those than supported it through crowdfunding, “RocketMan/Song of RocketNews24” will be available through iTunes on 1 July for 1,000 yen (Approx. US$9). However, for those who enjoy physical media, the CD will be sold through Amazon from 7 July.

Just remember, you may have to search in Japanese to get it so just copy and paste – ロケットニュース24 – and you should be able to find it when it’s available.

Until then, have a rockin’ Rock Day.

Photos ©SoraNews24
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