Never question an otaku’s dedication to his waifu.

Moe characters are used in all sorts of promotions in Japan. However one ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), has recently taken character worshiping to another level.

Nestled in the mountains of hot springs-rich Oita Prefecture, Tsuruyaintaku is a five-room, family-owned ryokan that just happens to be managed by an otaku. The ryokan suffered numerous cancellations during the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, but in part due to the inn’s constant tweets about anime and games on Twitter, it enjoyed a great deal of patronage from fans of both genres.

Now, as a way of giving back to the community, the proprietor has come up with a mascot character for the ryokan that his fellow otaku guests will enjoy: Chizuru.

▼ An embarrassed Chizuru promoting her ryokan

Illustrator Alpha, who is also from Oita Prefecture, designed this green-eyed beauty of a ryokan proprietress. Her kimono is a sight to behold — adorned with the kanji “tsuru” which means “crane” in Japanese, and is also in the ryokan’s name Tsuruyaintaku.

Chizuru’s hobbies include taking strolls and photography, but her main duty is to provide information on her ryokan and local sightseeing spots through Twitter. Because you know, that’s what an “e-proprietress” does right?

▼ A chibi Chizuru letting patrons know that
it’s raining today and it’s the start of the rainy season.

▼ Chizuru is surprised she made it into the news.

▼ Don’t ignore her advice!
This girl’s not to be trifled with.

In an odd twist though, the ryokan’s actual proprietor soon began to fall in love with Chizuru himself, so much so that he started producing Chizuru goods, even if it meant spending so much money that his ryokan profits would sink into the red.

The proprietor had clear plastic files made featuring the ryokan’s front entrance  and Chizuru in a beautiful pink kimono. While each file was sold for 680 yen (US$6), manufacturing costs actually ended up surpassing profits.

▼ I mean, it’s a nice folder,
but is it really worth going into debt for?

Any sane person would at least raise retail prices to break even, but we suppose the proprietor would rather keep prices down at his own expense for the sake of Chizuru’s fans. The man takes it in stride, resolutely believing that all proceeds go to his hardworking waifu. We can’t argue with that can we?

▼ The file comes with a heartfelt thank you message from Chizuru,
as well as a five-percent accommodation discount voucher!

At present, the proprietor hopes to have Chizuru voiced and eventually VR-implemented, so ryokan customers (and presumably himself) can have the cute girl at their beck and call.

Until then, maybe he can take some inspiration from another ryokan and have some Chizuru backdrops for guests to take pictures with?

Source: Tsuruyaintaku via Biglobe and Twitter/@turuyaintaku
Featured image: Twitter/Danbooru