It’s like Transformers with Japanese schoolgirls, only with panties, bras and breasts playing a key role in each transformation.

In the world of anime, anything is possible. From zipper-wielding superheroes to a talking butt that solves crimes, there’s nothing that the illustrated world can’t handle, and now that includes schoolgirls who transform into mecha at the blink of an eye, all while flashing their underwear.

The new anime, called Henkei Girls, or Transforming Girls, is so bizarre it’s being called “the craziest anime in Japan” by its Japanese makers, and judging by comments on their introductory YouTube clips, viewers are in total agreement.

What makes the anime so bizarre is the way that breasts and underpants become key features of the robot or vehicle that each girl transforms into. To ease us into their bizarre fantasy world,, the Japanese anime production company behind the project, is currently releasing a number of short clips introducing us to the characters and their transformations, starting off with a schoolgirl named Haru, who first appeared online back in May.

▼ Haru exposes her cleavage while giving us all a glimpse of her panties after she transforms into a fighter jet.

Last month, a schoolgirl called Rin appeared on the scene, in a clip that makes use of numerous up-skirt shots.

▼ Her underwear even appears on the vehicle she transforms into.

▼ The car has cleavage too.

This month, they’re giving us a look at a transforming girl called Itsuki. In their most risqué clip yet, the character coyly undresses before the transformation, with phrases like, “You want me to…here?” and “It’s a little embarrassing”.

▼ Itsuki’s weapon appears to be the “Brassiere Rolling Cutter”.

▼ There are distinct sexual overtones to this character’s transformation.

Bringing the character vocals to life are popular voice actresses Kana Hanazawa, who plays Itsuki, and Mao Ichimichi, also known as M·A·O, who plays Haru. The character of Rin is voiced by professional Japanese cosplayer, voice actress and model Enako, who is bringing her vocal experience from the video game world to anime for the very first time.

With five main characters in the series, we still have two more transforming girls to meet, with one being introduced later this month on YouTube, followed by the final character video, scheduled to appear online in August.

After they’ve all introduced themselves, it will be time to enjoy the CG anime shorts for Henkei Girls, which are said to revolve around “a world where seemingly ordinary high school girls can “transform” into various vehicles and robots.” Each episode will focus on a new girl as they get into various situations and use their shape-shifting gifts in order to get around everyday high school life.

While they’re keeping hush on the exact details of the anime, the popularity of these introductory video clips proves there’s an audience out there hungry for more Transforming Girls. To keep up to date with developments, check out the official website or follow them on Twitter for more details.

With so much love online for the new project, we have a feeling fans will be passing the time until the end of August with fan art featuring the new magical characters. Either that or they’ll be getting their hands dirty in their workrooms, crafting out amazing real-life transformer models like this one!

Source: Henkei Shojo Press Release
Featured image: Henkei Shojo Press Release
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