Toei Animation has launched a new site and announced a new Net Anime series based on the popular children’s picture book series, Oshiri Tantei.

The title literally translates to Butt Detective (God help us if it’s a pop-up book).

This book series is brought to us by a team named Troll (consisting of writer Yōko Tanaka and illustrator Masahide Fukasawa). Since 2012, the duo has published six Butt Detective books aimed at middle-schoolers (because, logically). Based on all of this information, I am left to conclude that Japan is just now getting Adult Swim airings from 2006.

Toei Animation also did the world a favor and supplied us with a three-minute preview of the anime to come. Is this NSFW? Honestly, this preview has a lot of jiggling. I’m gonna go with maybe.

Wasn’t that something? It’s not every day you get to watch a talking butt smell some tea. This trailer revealed so much and yet left me with so many questions.

Did this toilet paper/poop emoji criminal exist before this Butt Detective rose to prominence? Is its butt simultaneously its mouth and nose? Since we constantly see it sitting down, does it have a second butt in the regular place? And lastly, it farts. From the top part. Does that count as a burp, and does that count as assault? (I apologize for nothing!) Will I ever have these questions answered? Probably not.

A release date and schedule have not yet been announced, nor have the number of episodes or how long each episode will be. However, we do know the anime will be available on Toei Animation’s YouTube channel and on the YouTube KIDS app (which launched earlier this month in Japan).

This is sure to be nothing butt entertainment.

Source, images: YouTube/東映アニメーション公式YouTubeチャンネル

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