Tokyo tour visits locations from Makoto Shinkai’s hit, recreates the food the characters eat, and takes reservations in English.

Makoto Shinkai’s anime hit Your Name finally comes out on home video this month, with fans chomping at the bit to once again see the tale of body-swapping teens Taki and Mitsuha unfold. But while watching the paired protagonists’ relationship develop will have many wishing for a soulmate of their own, there’s another feeling that many find welling up inside themselves as they watch the film.

Tokyo is awesome.

Showing off Shinkai’s unparalleled talent for background art, Your Name is perhaps the most gorgeous animated depiction of Tokyo ever, capturing both its bustling energy and the secluded panoramic views of the metropolis’ off-peak hours. So after a couple of rewatches following Your Name’s July 26 Blu-ray and DVD release, you might find yourself wanting to see the real-world locations from the film, and thankfully there’s a cafe bus tour starting August 3 that will show them to you.

▼ The artwork wrapping makes use of the red braid motif that figures prominently in the movie.

A collaboration between upmarket bus operator Willer and The Guest, the restaurant management group behind such themed eateries as the Tokyo Ghoul, Mamoru Hosoda anime, and Pokémon cafes. The Guest even ran a Your Name cafe last winter, and on this special bus tour will be recreating two dishes seen in Shinkai’s film, the croquette sandwich Taki eats in the middle of his school day and the fruit-topped pancake Mitsuha photographs (and devours) when she slips into Taki’s body, which will be served at tables aboard the bus, which features a roof that can be retracted while parked.

The 90-minute bus tour starts and ends near Tokyo Station, and the course will take participants to sections of the Shinjuku and Yotsuya neighborhoods, as seen in the anime’s opening sequence…

…on Taki’s commute to and from school…

…during his date with comely coworker Okudera…

…when he tries to call his body-swapping counterpart on the phone…

…and in other transition shots throughout the film.

In keeping with what’s largely become the industry standard for anime-themed cafes, each customer will also receive one of eight Your Name coasters. While the design you get is random, the fact that you’ll be surrounded by nothing but other fans of the film means that you should have a pretty good chance of finding someone willing to trade.

The Your Name Cafe Bus will be offered daily between August 3 and September 29. Tickets are priced at 5,800 yen (US$52) and reservations can be made, in English, directly through Willer’s website here.

Source: Your Name Cafe Bus official website via IT Media
Top image: Your Name Cafe Bus (edited by SoraNews24)
Top image: Your Name Cafe Bus (1, 2) (edited by SoraNews24)

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