Relive the magic of the fantasy body-swapping adventure with items and clothes seen in the animated movie!

Whether you’re sleeping, hanging out at home, or cosplaying outdoors, Japanese companies have a myriad of choices to keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable, while also taking inspiration from the world of anime.

Premium Bandai is one of the best known suppliers of merchandise and anime-themed wear, and their latest release looks set to be one of their most popular yet. The new range of items they’re offering features two  looks worn by body-swapping high school student characters Mitsuha and Taki, from the smash hit film Your Name.

First up in the collection is Mitsuha’s pink nightie, which drapes off her body as she wakes every morning in the film, sometimes in her own body and other times when it’s being inhabited by Tokyo boy Taki.

The short-sleeved orange polka-dot one piece comes complete with a pair of orange pockets and side ties. While it might look like a somewhat plain choice of sleepwear for those who haven’t seen the film, fans of the movie will know that a night in Mitsuha’s pyjamas means there’s a chance you might magically swap bodies with a handsome stranger in the middle of the night.

And if you had a choice of handsome strangers to swap bodies with, many of those fans would choose Taki, the city boy who wakes in Mitsuha’s body, ultimately changing the course of her life and the lives of the people in her town.

During some of the films most dramatic and heart-wrenching moments, Taki can be seen dressed in a white-and-navy parka.

Taki’s “Mountain Parka” is now available to purchase, with beautiful details perfectly replicated from the garment worn in the movie. There’s the round orange-and-white logo on the left arm…

▼ And a bright red lining on the inside of the hoodie. 

With the Mountain Parka retailing for 25,920 yen(US$236.53) and Mitsuha’s Pyjamas retailing for 6,804 yen, cash-strapped fans of the film might not be able to splurge on the new items, but they’ll be happy to know there are two more reasonably priced items being made available.

There’s a dark purple book cover for 1,944 yen, which is designed to look like a book traditionally used to collect goshuin seal stamps given to visitors of Shinto shrines in Japan. The kanji that appears on the outside of this cover says, “Miyamizu Jinja”, or Miyamizu Shrine, which is where Mitsuha performs duties as a Shinto shrine maiden in the film. Slipping this book cover on your favourite paperback will make it look like you’re in possession of a holy book from the very same shrine.

Also for 1,944 yen is a fluffy hedgehog “Mascot Charm“, which can be seen hanging off Mitsuha’s school bag in the film. Given that the movie has resonated with a huge audience of Japanese school students, this cute pink character will likely be popping up on school bags around the country soon.

All the items in the range can be purchased from the Premium Bandai website until 3 July, with deliveries scheduled for the end of August.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Kiminonaha
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