Giving his girl classmates a run for their money!

The ability to dress up as a member of the opposite sex and look good while doing it has always impressed the Internet. These gender-bending individuals deceive our eyes and toy with our poor hearts as we continue to be captivated by them.

That trend seems to be continuing with Japanese high school student @ginsyamu, who has amassed a huge following on Twitter. And he’s not shy about his gender ambiguity either:

“Feel free to use this with the caption ‘Coming home from school with my girlfriend (boyfriend).’ #GirlfriendGaze #BoyfriendGaze #WhichIsIt?”

“Since I’m not a carefree college student yet,
all I have to post are swollen-face tired-eye selfies. Please forgive me.”

“Looking cute with no makeup on.”

At only 15 years old, @ginsyamu is still quite young, but has already amassed over 70,000 followers on Twitter alone.

With such talent, one may wonder if @ginsyamu crossdresses or does any cosplay. According to an interview he did dress up once in a sailor uniform with a friend’s help at an event, but aside from that he doesn’t crossdress at all.

▼ Elementary school @ginsyamu was cute too, if in a different way.

▼ And then he grew up.

▼ @ginsyamu applies makeup even when commuting to school every day,
making liberal use of mascara, lipstick and eyeliners.

When asked if he likes girls, @ginsyamu replied that because he has never fallen in love, he is not too sure.

▼ @ginsyamu says he hasn’t been approached
by guys (or girls) in his school yet.

▼ Although at only 15 years old, there’s nothing wrong with that.

▼ His family members have no complaints. If anything, they occasionally ask @ginsyamu to buy them cosmetics given his extensive knowledge in makeup.

With high school beautiful boy pageants all the rage these days, we have to wonder if @ginsyamu’s school will hold one. If they do, we’d put all our money on him taking home the crown.

Source: Twitter/@ginsyamu via Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/@ginsyamu