Classes include voice training, makeup clinics.

The Nichome section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood is the cultural center of the city’s, and also Japan’s, gay and transgender community. For decades, Nichome has had numerous restaurants, shops, and other businesses catering to the demographics drawn to the area, and next month will see the addition of a unique institute designed to help individuals transition to a lifestyle that fits their sexual identities.

Otome Juku translates to “Maiden School,” but the primary purpose of the organization is to assist people born physically as males acquire the mannerisms and aura of a woman. The school was founded by Satsuki Nishihara, a transgender media personality, and offers instruction on a number of specialized topics.

In describing her impetus for starting the scool, Nishihara says “I wanted to create a school to help people who, for example, buy a skirt or dress and want to dress like a woman, but don’t have confidence in looking cute wearing it, which keeps them from dressing like a woman in public.”

To start, Otome Juku will be offering three different classes. The broadest, the Womanization Lesson, focusses on adding a feminine touch to to how students walk, move, and converse.

The Makeup Lesson, meanwhile, teaches students how to apply cosmetics for a feminine effect, even if they have a physically male frame and facial structure. Finally, the Voice Lesson trains students in how to alter their vice for a lighter, more feminine register. And in the spirit of inclusiveness, Otome Juku’s lessons are open to women too.

All three lessons are priced at 6,000 yen (US$55) per session, or at a discounted rate of 29,000 for a five-lesson package (within the same category). Otome Juku also has a Dress As a Woman Experience service for first-time crossdressers priced at 9,000 yen, which recommended for people who “want to take a peek into the world of crossdressing.” Those who want to preserve those memories in photographic form can also schedule a photo shoot for 28,000 yen.

Continuing students also get access to one video cat counseling session per month.

Otome Juku is holding its first orientation event on November 5, and cases start on November 17. Reservations can be made through the school’s website here.

School information
Otome Juku / 乙女塾
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku. Nichome 14-16, Sensho Building 4th floor

Source, images: PR Times
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