If you’ve never heard of Project 575 before… well, we can’t blame you. Despite existing for a few years now, the pair have never been considered “official” Vocaloids. Until now.

Initially a Sega multimedia franchise, Project 575 first came out as a video game and app. The concept? Two girls, Azuki and Matcha, create and share songs whose lyrics follow a haiku structure. (Hence the “575” in the title.) Players built lyrics in the game, which the two girls would then perform.

While not official Vocaloid characters, Azuki and Matcha required Vocaloid technology to work. In other words, voicebanks existed for both, but Sega and Vocaloid never released them publicly.

The pair also starred in the short anime GO! GO! 575, which featured Yuka Ootsubo and Ayaka Oohashi as Azuki and Matcha, respectively. (The two voice actresses were also the source voices for Sega’s voicebanks.)

That wasn’t all, though. There were novels, manga, and two CDs. For a while, Vocaloid also backed some cute merch for the pair. Sadly, despite the attention, there was no way to make music using their voices outside the existing games.

Now, Vocaloid song-makers can get hyped: Azuki and Matcha’s voicebanks are officially on sale to the public!

The software is compatible with VOCALOID4, and can be purchased individually (9,000 yen before tax) or as a set (15,000 yen before tax). They even got cool futuristic makeovers so they fit in with the rest of the gang.

The announcement came with a remix of their song “365 Gatsubyou,” made using the VOCALOID4 software. Check it out (and note the haiku-style lyrics)!

Want to grab it for yourself? Run over to the official Vocaloid website and pick up one or both (remember, you need VOCALOID4 for it to work). We can’t wait to hear what sort of awesome songs people create using the new voicebanks.

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