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Commercials in Japan often portray Japanese products as being far and away the best in the world, and are so overly earnest in doing so they frequently make no sense. Anime is packed with cute characters who, again, make no sense. And a lot of J-pop songs are hyperactive melodies with lyrics that, you guessed it, make no sense.

So how is it combining all three makes for just about the perfect ad for Japanese meat?

Need a little pick-me-up? Then listen to this jingle.

You can thank the Japan National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (often abbreviated as JA or “Japan Agriculture”) for getting that song stuck in your head. As the name implies, JA is an organization that exists to promote Japanese foodstuffs. Whether it’s rice, strawberries, or tomatoes, JA would rather people buy domestically, and engages in a variety of promotional events and advertising campaigns championing the superior quality of food produced in Japan.

Meat also falls under the JA jurisdiction, and one of the group’s highest-profile efforts so far this year has been the animated Oniku Daisuki! Zeushi-kun series. Each 90-second spot is actually an advertisement, with a new installment having been shown each Monday during one of the commercial breaks for Fuji TV’s popular variety show Tengoku Generation.

Oniku Daisuki! Zeushi-kun Episode 1

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The Zeushi-kun series is centered around main character Zeushi-kun, whose name is a mash-up of Greek deity Zeus and ushi, the Japanese word for cow. In keeping with the mythological theme, Zeushi-kun a visiting prince from a place called Niki Niku (Meat Meat) Land, not to mention some kind of half man, half cow hybrid.

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Zeushi-kun is accompanied by his companion/living stuffed animal Minota, whose name is a sort of Japan-ified version of “minoutaur.”

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Minota and Zeushi-kun both profess to love meat, despite eating in general being unnecessary for Minota and eating beef in particular to be borderline cannibalism for Zeushi-kun.

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While visiting earth, the pair meet the Miito family (get it?). Not only are the Miitos kind enough to let the two visitors stay with them, the family is also generous enough to regularly serve them heaping portions of delicious, domestic meat.

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But what really makes Oniku Daisuki! Zeushi-kun worth watching isn’t the surrealism of the story or mouth-watering recipe ideas, it’s the ridiculously upbeat theme song. Let’s give it another listen.

Singing the infectiously catchy theme is popular voice actress Kana Hanazawa, who has provided character voices and vocal performances for anime including Angel Beats!, Black Rock Shooter, Durarara!!, Haganai, Space Dandu, and Strike Witches.

If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ll be humming the song to yourself for the rest of the day, so here’s a handy translation of the lyrics.

Domestic meat, domestic meat
Meat, meat
Today, why do you act so spiteful
And look so gloomy?
Ah, could it be?
You don’t have enough protein in your diet, do you?
Me and you, juicy meat
You and me, happy meat
We love it!
Domestic meat, domestic meat
Meat, meat

▼ <Sigh>…If only we were hungry enough to eat all these animals.

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And for those of you who’d like to sing along, below are the lyrics in Japanese, which are filled with puns like nikunikushii (spitefull)/niku (meat) and mii to (me and)/meat.

Kokusan no oniku, kokusan no oniku
Nikku niku
Nikunikushii anata ha
Naze kyou ha fusagigao
Kitto are kashira
Tanpakushitsu ga tarinai no ne
Mii to yuu to no juushii na oniku
Yuu to mii to happii na oniku
Kokusan no oniku, kokusan no oniku
Nikku niku

Sadly, with the winter television season winding down, the last installment of Oniku Daisuki! Zeushi-kun is set to air on March 24. Fans are understandably heartbroken, lamenting “What will we have to look forward to on Mondays from now on?” and “Please give us Zeushi-kun Season 2!”

Thankfully, you can watch the whole series on JA’s official YouTube channel right here. And no, even after repeated listenings of the theme, we’ve still got no idea what “Japonesuku” means, although hearing it half a dozen times has got us seriously craving a steak.

Source: YouTube via IT Media 
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