Japan is in the middle of a peach sweets boom, and McDonald’s shakes things up by using two kinds of peaches at once.

McDonald’s owes a lot of its success in Japan to its willingness to adapt to local tastes. Especially when it comes to desserts, the Golden Arches in Japan are willing to venture into bold new territory, offering shakes such as Hokkaido Melon, Sweet Potato, and Calpis.

The company’s newest McShake offering, though, is a mix of Western and Asian flavors. It’s called the McShake Momo and Momo, and that name doesn’t seem any less redundant once you know that momo the Japanese word for “peach.”

But the Momo and Momo doesn’t get its name because of sloppy copy editing. The vocabulary repeats because the shake is a mixture of two different kinds of peach flavors: white peaches, which are the most common in Japan, and yellow peaches, which are more prevalent in the U.S.

Fruit juice from both varieties are used in the Momo and Momo, which McDonald’s promises is a harmonious blend of the elegant sweetness of white peaches and the more intense flavor of their yellow counterparts. Aside from having an enticing pale pink color, we’re guessing the new shake, which went on sale August 2, also smells fantastic, and should make a great dessert drink to sip while sitting in the shade on a warm late summer afternoon.

The McShake Momo and Momo is priced at 120 yen (US$1.10) for a small and 200 yen for a medium, and will be available at McDonald’s locations across Japan until late August. And if the presence of the yellow peach flavors have you wanting just a little bit more Japanese-ness, you can always follow it with a Pikachu McFlurry.

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan
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