Believe it or not, this undead YouTuber is actually bad at dealing with spooky stuff.

From bubbly anime gravure idol superstar to elegant bar-hopping lady, virtual YouTubers come in many forms with as many quirky personalities.

But a newcomer has spooked expectations out of the water with what is perhaps the most oddly cute introduction video in virtual YouTuber history, simply for the fact that she is a walking corpse with a little heart-shaped peach decorating her head.

▼ Meet Hiiro Sumomo, the cutest zombie in the neighborhood.

Hiiro Sumomo, translated as “scarlet plum” in Japanese, is an energetic and cheerful cadaver whose dream is to become the number one virtual YouTuber in the world. Called Momo by her fans, the rising idol has been chosen by video game developer Sega to be the official ambassador for horror arcade shooting game, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

▼ “I will shoot your heart,” says a chirpy Momo while introducing herself.

After a short and lively song, the YouTuber then picks up what appears to be a creepy slug with gruesome teeth, claiming that it was abandoned in a cardboard box.

Mora-tan is the name of this insidious worm.

Pets are apparently forbidden where Momo is working, but since Mora does not shed fur, barely barks, and is rather small, she decided to keep it as a companion. Hugging it also feels a little painful, which is perfect for a zombie like her.

Momo then launches into promoting House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, but quickly admits that she has never played the game until recently, mainly due to the fact that she does not deal with creepy stuff well.

“When I’m scared, it makes me want to wash my hair.”

Her producer wants her to promote the rejuvenating aspects of the shooting game rather than its spookiness, a task that Momo takes to heart with so much energy that she flails Mora around recklessly like a sack of beans.

“This might cause a cerebral concussion…”

As the video comes to an end, a jolly Momo bids goodbye to her viewers and urges them to follow her in the quest to conquer House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Although there are plenty of talented virtual YouTubers out there, Momo is truly one-of-a-kind, already amassing more than 27,000 subscribers in the space of three weeks. Only time will tell if she can take the top spot, but seeing as how fans enjoy seeing her getting spooked by her own kind, it may not take long after all.

Source: YouTube/Hiiro Sumomo via My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/Hiiro Sumomo