It’s like an Anywhere Door for your sweet tooth.

Earlier this summer, McDonald’s Japan allied with Char Aznable, the charismatically diabolical antagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Now as we get into summer festival season in Japan, the chain is once again partnering with an anime spokesperson, but this time they’ve chosen one who’s more comprehensively wholesome: Doraemon!

With Japan still dealing with the lingering challenges of the pandemic, summer festivals have returned in some communities, but not all of them. So the theming of its new Doraemon desserts is “Anywhere Festival Sweets,” a play on words with the robot cat’s Anywhere Door gadget that lets him warp to wherever he wants using the power of future tech.

▼ Two sweets-loving sweethearts star in the commercial

Starting things off is the Doraemon McShake, which isn’t just blue to match Doraemon’s image color, but also because it’s the standard shade for Ramune-flavored sweets. Ramune started off as a carbonated soft drink with flavors reminiscent of apple and light citrus, and the drink remains a big seller at summer festivals to this day. The Doraemon McShake takes that flavor and applies it to McDonald’s milkshakes, for a combination of cool refreshment and creamy satisfaction.

The Doraemon Shake comes served in cups with Doraemon character artwork.

Accompanying the Doraemon Shake is another take on a longtime festival food favorite: the choco banana. In the orthodox style, these are chilled bananas covered with a chocolate coating, which McDonald’s is using as inspiration for the Doraemon Choco Banana Pie.

Inside the crisp handheld pie shell is a mixture of chocolate sauce and banana cream with pieces of fruit. Here, the color palette matches up with Dorami, so she, Shizuka, or Suneo will grace the packaging.

Both the Doraemon shake and pie will be on sale for a limited time starting August 5, with the shake priced at 130 yen (US$0.98) for a small and 200 for a medium, and the pie at 150 yen, making them not only an anywhere festival for your taste buds, but also an any-budget dessert option.

Source: McDonalds Japan
Top image: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan (1, 2), YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)
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