New name, old friend.

We’ve still got the memory of Starbucks Japan’s Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino from last month lingering happily on our taste buds and in our hearts. But summer is all about keeping active while you’re having fun, and so Starbucks is on to its next seasonal Frappuccino, which is arriving in its coffeehouse branches next week.

Over the last few years, Starbucks has made a point of releasing a peach Frappuccino somewhere in the summer months, and it’s keeping that tradition going with the Gaburi Peach Frappuccino.

Gaburi” is a Japanese word used to describe taking a big bite out of something. The intended sensation for the Gaburi Peach Frappuccino is to make you feel like you’re really sinking your teeth into a whole peach and savoring its juicy sweetness with gusto. Helping to achieve that are the irregularly cut chunks of peach at the bottom of the glass and the peach-flavored whipped cream swirl at the top.

If that’s sounding just a touch familiar to you, you might be recalling last year’s Momo More Frappuccino, which was also peach-flavored (momo is the Japanese word for “peach”). And in fact, Starbucks Japan itself is saying that the 700-yen (US$5.20) Gaburi Peach Frappuccino (available in tall size only) is a renamed reappearance of the Momo More Frappuccino. The promotional photos look like the Gaburi Peach Frappuccino might have larger pieces of peach at the bottom, but honestly, with as delicious as the Momo More Frappuccino was, we’re not going to complain about it coming back.

If you want something entirely new, though, Starbucks still has you covered with the debut of its White Peach and Earl Grey Cake, pictured at the bottom right in the above photo. Made with large cuts of gelatin-coated white peach and Earl Grey tea-flavored milk mousse, the 516-yen cake brings to mind the Peach Panna Cotta and Earl Grey Tea Frappuccino which Starbucks previously offered at only nine of its branches in all of Japan. Also joining the food menu, and visible in the group shot, are the returning desserts Cream Chiffon Cake, Earl Grey Milk Cream Donut, and Cookie and Cream Donut, plus a new Shrimp Avocado Campagne Sandwich.

All of the items go on sale July 12 and are scheduled to stick around until August 8 or whenever supplies run out.

Source: Starbucks Japan via Otakomu
Images: Starbucks Japan
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