We caught not one but all six Pikachu designs!

At the beginning of June, McDonald’s teased its Japanese customers with the promise of an exclusive Pokémon McFlurry that would feature one of the well-known pocket monsters from the series.

Following the excitement of the initial announcement, it was finally revealed that Pikachu had been selected to be the star of the new limited-time dessert, with the electric Pokémon’s brown-and-yellow colouring serving as the inspiration for the new flavour: chocolate banana.

We made a Poké stop at our local McDonald’s to see how many Pikachus we could catch in one hit, and it turns out we were able to catch ’em all, in six cute and creative designs.

▼ There was a cheeky “Wink Pikachu”…

▼ An adorable “Resting Pikachu”…

▼ A laughing “Smile Pikachu”…

▼ A “Downhearted Pikachu”…

▼ A “Furious Pikachu”…

▼ And a”Prim and Proper Pikachu”…

And just in case all those Pikachu faces weren’t cute enough, a variety of tiny Pikachu characters could also be seen on the back of each tub.

▼ This pocket monster’s got attitude!

Inside, each McFlurry is filled with yellow and brown swirls that perfectly match the colour of the character. Looking at the colours and the tub together really do help to make you feel like you’re about to bite into Pikachu.

Lifting the lid on the McFlurry gave us a hint of what lay in store for our taste buds, as we were hit with strong wafts of banana aromas.

The sweet was filled with chocolate and banana pieces, designed to give a nice crunchy texture to the otherwise creamy dessert.

As soon as we tasted it, we had waves of nostalgia, with the familiar flavours taking us back to childhood days at the candy store where we feasted on banana sweets and ate chocolate-dipped ice cream cones at the cinema.

For Japanese customers, this sweet and fruity combination is bound to take them back to their own childhoods too, when they would’ve eaten chocolate-covered bananas sold at food stalls during Japanese festivals.

This McFlurry does an impressive job of recreating that exact sweet, by incorporating the same type of hard-chocolate coating and real banana pieces in generous portions, so you get a real punch of both flavours in each and every mouthful.

When the McFlurry melts into a softer version of itself, it’s easier to see just how much banana is packed into the dessert, with flecks of bright yellow dispersed throughout its creamy base.

The McFlurry is a sweet and delicious treat that chocolate banana lovers will fall head over heels for, but for Pokémon fans, the fun and flavourful experience of eating Pikachu can end up feeling a little too real if you get one of the sad or angry face designs.

Even more so after the package has been sitting there for a while, when droplets of water on the outside of the tub make it look like Pikachu is covered in beads of sweat.

▼ Sorry Pikachu!

While the limited-edition dessert is definitely a must-try for Pokémon fans and chocolate banana lovers alike, the star of the new release is really the exclusive packaging. If we had to pick a favourite from the bunch, it would have to be the Wink Pikachu, purely because it comes complete with a couple of adorable love hearts on the side.

▼ Pikachu… you choose us? Awww shucks.

The Pikachu McFlurry, which was designed to coincide with the 15 July release of the new anime film Pokémon: I Choose You! nationwide, is one of a number of Pokémon items currently available at McDonald’s outlets around the country.

▼ There are six Pokémon toys to collect with Happy Meal sets.

As always, these limited-edition releases won’t be around for long, so be sure to stop by McDonald’s soon to get your hands on one of the exclusive products.

The Happy Meal Sets, available until 4 August, retail for 460-500 yen (US$4.10-$4.45) while the Pikachu McFlurries retail for 290 yen and will be available until 10 August. That’s less than a month to catch ’em all!

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