A brilliant idea shared by British police officers spread all the way to Japan, so we had to give these milkshakes a “shot”.

It often feels like McDonald’s Japan has the edge on the rest of the world with their fantastic seasonal flavors. A fan of green tea? Try their new Strawberry Green Tea Frappe. Want something a little more unique? Go for a Purple Sweet Potato McShake. Want something that has a little more of a caffeine punch?

Actually, it’s Britain that’s got the answer for you on that. After the U.K.-based Snapchat account @UKCopHumour posted about their amazing idea to make McDonald’s vanilla milkshakes even better, cops around the country tried it, and soon the idea spread around the world.

All they did was make their own affogado, which is ice cream mixed with coffee. Simply order a vanilla McShake and some espresso, pour them together, stir it up, and, voila! You have a delicious vanilla coffee milkshake. We couldn’t deny that the idea sounded amazing, and since they sell both of the ingredients at Japanese McDonald’s, we had to try it ourselves!

First, we gathered the ingredients: a shot of espresso and a Vanilla McShake.

Then we poured the espresso over the shake…

Lightly stirred it…

Took a sip…and…huh? It…it just tasted like a regular milkshake. We were pretty hyped about it since it had gone totally viral but, honestly it was kind of disappointing.

But we like milkshakes anyway, so we continued drinking it, and that’s when the magic happened. As the espresso started to melt the ice cream in the milkshake, the flavor got increasingly creamy and milky. The strength of the flavors escalated in each sip; it was like a sweet coffee with lots of milk in it, but with the texture and fullness of a milkshake.

The joy of the McAffogado is that you can adjust it to your tastes. Those who tried it and tweeted or Snapchatted at @UKCopHumour shared their own preferences, like not mixing it before drinking it, using a double shot of espresso instead of a single shot, and changing the size of the milkshake.

We had a medium-sized shake and single shot of espresso, and little by little the taste of the espresso dissipated, until by the end it tasted like a normal vanilla milkshake with hints of coffee in it. This has its own appeal in that it gives you two different flavor profiles, but if you’d rather enjoy a full coffee flavor all the way to the end, a size small would probably be better.

Next time we want to try it with the Black Thunder McFlurry, if there are any left…it’s not a milkshake, but mixing the bitter bite of espresso in with the smoothness of ice cream and the crunchy bits of chocolate covered cookies…that will probably be absolute heaven.

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