You’ve seen Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective as a dog, a girl, and even Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as the character as its own manga. A character of near infallible logic is transforming again, this time into an android.

Manga creators Naomichi Io and Kotaro Takada’s I AM SHERLOCK takes place in near-future London. One day John Watson, a depressed and unemployed man, receives an invitation to become someone’s flatmate. That unusual person is the android Sherlock Holmes.

Despite the sci-fi twist, many of the Doyle’s characters will appear in the work. Takada elaborated on the manga’s premise stating that he wanted to create a manga that centered on artificial intelligence, and thought it would be exciting to combine it with a familiar, iconic character.

I AM SHERLOCK is serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Gekkan Sunday magazine. The first compiled volume was released on August 10.

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Source: Comic Natalie
Image: Gekkan Sunday