With muscles, crimson beret, and signature army green bodysuit, it’s arguably one of the best Cammy cosplays out there.

Famed cross-playing personality Ladybeard has done more than his fair share as a cosplayer. Only a select few can cosplay a manly Chun-Li as well as he does, and the dude doesn’t even need a partner for Beauty and the Beast.

After his stellar Chun-Li cosplay, some fans cheekily requested a Cammy version, no doubt testing the limits of our bearded hero. For the uninitiated, Cammy White is a character from the Street Fighter franchise, making her debut appearance in Super Street Fighter II. Almost never seen without her signature army green leotard, she was once even deemed too skimpy by ESPN.

Like the good sport that he is, Ladybeard took up the challenge and donned the green leotard for his fans at this year’s Summer Comiket, striking fear and awe into the hearts of villains and comrades alike.

▼ This MI6 deadly assassin is not one to back away from a fight.

▼ Ladybeard posing with other cosplayers.

Attendees to the convention would have his magnificence seared into their minds for a long time to come. Approving comments poured in from Japanese Twitter users:

“As expected, the destructive power of your photos is always amazing. The high quality (of the cosplay) shows your amazing respect for the character.”

“When Beard-chan cosplays Cammy, I feel like it is a spitting image of the character. Your muscles really fit the costume.”

“I saw you yesterday, but I was swept away by the throng of people so I didn’t manage to take any photos.”

“It was a shame I was taking a break and so I couldn’t take your picture, but I was happy that you waved to me. You were cute!

We hope Ladybeard will go down the Street Fighter roster and totally own the next Summer Comiket with a sexy Poison or evil Juri. Sakura in her school uniform you say? Well, Ladybeard’s already done that with Sailor Suit Old Man in a dream collaboration.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Ladybeard_Japan