Our favorite crossdressing local celebrity shows us beauty at its best.

When our hero Ladybeard isn’t wrestling old men or coming out with his next hit metal song, you’re likely to find him totally killing it at cosplay. We’ve seen his costuming talents before, when he stunned Comiket-goers with his perfect Chun-Li cosplay, and now he’s at it again, this time with a brilliant twofer.


Beauty and the Beast on my own,” reads the Japanese text at the beginning of the tweet, which is followed by three shots of our bearded beauty, giving Emma Watson a run for her money in the classic golden gown worn by Belle in Disney’s adaptations of the French fairy tale. While he is gloriously glamorous with his silky locks done up and his poses right on point, his strong stature and plentiful facial and body hair gives him an undeniably Beast-ly air.

The genius of Ladybeard’s two-for-one cosplay has not gone unnoticed by his online followers:

“Is Beauty the Beast, or is the Beast Beauty?”
“Beauty is the Beast.”
“Beauty or Beast?! This is really good! Amazing!”
“Oh! Wow! Beard-chan has turned into such a beauty! So lovely!”
“Beauty as the Beast”
“So cute! I want to see more.”

The photos have been retweeted over 17,000 times and liked more than 21,000 since they were posted last week. We can’t imagine what to expect next from Ladybeard, but whether it’s another insanely epic commercial or a high quality cosplay photo shoot, we’re sure we won’t be disappointed!

Source: Twitter/@Ladybeard_Japan via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@Ladybeard_Japan