The girls showed off the new underground fashion trend in one of the city’s most upmarket shopping streets.

Earlier this year, we were introduced to a new trend emerging from Japan’s cosplay scene: Isshoku Hada, or “Unique/Remarkable Skin“. As the name suggests, the young people involved in this eye-catching craze pride themselves on displaying flamboyant skin, which they colour with body paint in all shades of the rainbow.

▼ Japanese DJ and model Miyako is one of the leaders of the new movement.

▼ This is what Miyako looks like without her colourful skin.

The unique look is said to recreate the otherworldly appearance of magical characters seen in anime, manga and video games, and while it’s a small and emerging subset of the Japanese cosplay scene, the self-titled “Isshoku Hada Girls” are steadily gaining more attention around the country. Most recently, a group of five girls turned heads after making a rare appearance on the streets of Tokyo last week, where passers-by couldn’t help snapping pictures as they posed for a series of photos.

Surprisingly, the girls chose not to make their appearance at Harajuku, the city’s well-known mecca for bold, fashion-forward individuals. Instead, the group opted for an evening stroll around Omotesando, the nearby shopping district known for its collection of posh eateries and high-class international designer flagship stores.

The girls added some striking flair to their unconventional appearances by dressing in yukata summer kimono and other outfits inspired by Japanese tradition and oiran courtesans.

For these girls, Isshoku Hada is all about individuality, self-expression and freedom. They enjoy taking unconventional beauty to whole new levels, with wigs, bright skin tones, contact lenses and colourful accessories helping to pull off the look.

The craze for unique skin is growing in popularity as more young women learn about the trend, connecting online to arrange catchups and photo shoots in unusual locations.

As the Isshoku Hada girls slowly creep onto the popular culture scene by popping up on TV shows and news media around the country, we have a feeling this is just the first of many outdoor trips for the head-turning group. Be sure to keep an eye out for the girls and their brightly coloured complexions in the future!

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/sonorama13