Why settle for expensive printed T-shirts when you can use a few common household items to achieve the same effect?

Lifehacks make our lives easier, and in some cases can spare us from excruciating pain. With a few of these nifty tricks under your belt, you’ll never look at some homegoods the same way again.

Case in point, Twitter user @mikantobanana was enjoying his favorite TV program when he saw a quick way to make printed T-shirts. Like most other lifehacks, all it required was a few common items: a T-shirt, a colored print of a picture, sunscreen, and a clothes iron.

Simply slather a good amount of sunscreen onto the picture, then turn it over and apply onto the T-shirt. Iron it over and it’s finished!

▼ The transferred image does seem a little patchy,
but it can be a fashion style in and of itself.

@mikantobanana tried out the lifehack himself and was quite impressed with the results. He graciously provided some valuable tips too. (Translation below)

“I applied the sunscreen to the colored print as per the Twitter image, then used my finger to work it in.

Remember to use high-quality printers like those found in convenience stores, not those inkjets that you use at home.

Be aware that words will end up reversed.

Apply the sunscreen generously in a uniform manner, letting it soak into the image for a minute or so.

Transfer the image twice to prevent discoloration, then leave it alone for two days. After that, it’ll be machine washable.”

With this simple lifehack, I can finally print all those horrifically out-of-fashion Internet memes onto my old T-shirts. Someone’s got to keep them alive, right?

And in case you’re looking for a few other handy uses for all that sunscreen you bought, there’s plenty of great ones like removing annoying sticker marks or getting rid of permanent marker from skin.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@mikantobanana