High heels killing your feet? Perhaps some seismic shock absorbers designed for natural disasters might be the solution.

Short of a total redesign of high heels, little can be done to escape the pain that comes with wearing a pair of stylish pumps.

But rumor has been floating around Japanese Twitter that sticking earthquake-resistant silicone pads onto the insoles of high heels will prevent your feet from getting sore after wearing them for extended periods.

These mini shock absorbers are generally stuck under expensive equipment like televisions to absorb earthquake vibrations of up to magnitude seven, preventing them from falling over.

▼ Elastic, cheap and reusable,
they can also be found in 100-yen stores.

▼ Lack of these pads could spell doom for your TV during an earthquake,
as seen here with the one on the left that would’ve collapsed if not for its harness.

Japanese Twitter user @_wnut has confirmed that it works, as sticking them to the insoles of your favorite pair of high heels dampens so much vibration that you can play table tennis in them without feeling any pain.

She recommends firmly adhering one thin pad on the lower part of the shoe, and another thicker one cut in half that’s near where the heel should rest, as shown below.

▼ The cure that all high heel wearers have been waiting for.

Twitter users are elated with this newfound discovery:

“I’ve got to tell my wife about this. Thanks for the information!”
“I’m already doing this with my stilettos.”
“All high heels should be manufactured with these pads already in them.”
“I’m a guy but this has helped me tons. My feet hurts a lot whenever I do cosplay, so this technique will definitely save me from all the pain.”

These magical pads do seem to be a marvelous fix to a painful problem that has plagued high heel wearers for eternity. While we don’t recommend actually playing table tennis in stilettos, perhaps this gives ladies more reason to slip into a comfortable pair and reap huge discounts at hotels.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@_wnut