Disaster preparedness team’s tip could save your nostrils.

While mankind has developed some truly impressive cultural, political, and scientific institutions, all of them would grind to a halt if the streets were covered in baby poo. As such, you could say that diapers are the only thing holding modern society together.

And so, as part of their role in preserving peace and order, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Disaster Response Division recently shared a tip on how to make your own diapers out of two common things you’ve probably got lying around your house right now.

Should an earthquake, typhoon, or kaiju attack cut off your supply of diapers, all you need is a plastic shopping bag and a towel (or some substitute strip of absorbent cloth). Start by cutting or tearing the bag along its sides, giving you one long stretch of material.

Next, place the towel in the center of the plastic.

Once the towel is in position, set your baby’s bottom on top of it, and fold the handles of plastic bag around the child’s waist, as demonstrated by our reporter Meg in the video below.

For best results, start by lifting the back straps up and tying them around your baby’s midsection, from front to back.

Then lift the remaining plastic through the legs…

…slip the handles through the waist strap you just made…

…and tie the handles together.

The finished makeshift garment may not look as sleek as a store-bought diaper, but compared to letting your baby’s poo flow free during a time of crisis, it’s definitely the preferable option.

And as an added bonus, provided you can find a big enough bag, you can basically follow the same steps to make your own loincloth.

Source: Twitter/@MPD_bousai
Photos ©SoraNews24
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