Japan makes card game to help kids raise disaster prevention awareness

How do you get kids interested in natural disaster preparedness? With a game, of course.

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Japanese man gets caught cheating on his girlfriend because of an earthquake

Sudden confrontation leaves him trembling, but not from the ground shaking.

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Strong earthquake hits Hokkaido in Japan, dozens missing and injured

Japan’s northern island suffers extensive damage to infrastructure after massive earthquake this morning.

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These little-known Japanese plastic bags can be a lifesaver in times of disaster

Unless you live in a handful of prefectures, you’ve probably never even heard of I-wrap, but those who know it swear by it.

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How to put together an earthquake/typhoon preparedness kit at the 100 yen shop

Japan is a country of violent storms and seismic activities, but also amazing discount retailers that can help you deal with natural disasters.

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Cat cafe video shows reaction of felines before, during and after an earthquake in Japan

Video shows the cats panicking before the tremors start.

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Otaku in Japan left red-faced after Osaka earthquake topples hidden anime porn for parents to see

Rooms jammed full of anime collectibles suddenly turned into X-rated disaster zones after the quake hit.

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Osaka earthquake hits city during peak hour, passengers freed after trains suspended

Rail staff were put to the test as they guided passengers through tunnels and emergency slides during their busiest hours.

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Osaka earthquake: Scenes show damage from strongest tremor to hit the region in decades

The shallow epicentre caused strong tremors that killed three and injured dozens of people in the region.

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Tokyo’s iconic 109 department store designated most likely building to collapse in earthquake

Out of 852 examined buildings in the city, researchers say the Shibuya fashion mecca is the least prepared for a major trembler.

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Tokyo disaster tip: How to make a diaper with just two items you have in your home

Disaster preparedness team’s tip could save your nostrils.

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Free onsen! Kyushu resort shipping hot spring water to homes across Japan in thank-you program

Travelers have been visiting Beppu for its natural baths for years, but now the onsen is coming to them instead.

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Tokyo police department’s disaster safety tip: How to make a lantern using a bottle of water

Bright idea could keep you safe if an earthquake or typhoon leaves you without electricity.

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Japanese teams use orange flags as a tsunami alert signal for swimmers and surfers

The new orange flag warning system aims to help those at sea become aware of an earthquake or tsunami before it’s too late.

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Japanese dogs fail to stay calm during earthquake, succeed in bringing smiles to humans’ faces

”Don’t panic” is rule one during an earthquake. These pooches decided to break it.

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Volunteer craftsman traveling to Kumamoto to repair earthquake-damaged family heirloom ceramics

Plans to use traditional Japanese kintsugi techniques to make them look as good as new, or perhaps even better.

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Edo-era illustrated records show the disasters that have plagued Japan throughout its history

Fires, floods, and famine have all been a part of Japan’s historical past.

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Earthquake rocks Japan, but zoo’s gorilla pulls a honey badger and just don’t care

As an island nation that sits on a number of major tectonic lines, Japan is no stranger to earthquakes. But the frequency of quakes by no means makes people any less afraid of them, especially after the disastrous 2011 Tohoku earthquake which left great swathes of Northeastern Japan in ruins.

So it’s quite reasonable that the Magnitude-5.6 earthquake which occurred on Monday, May 25 caused a bit of a panic. Despite being centered in Ibaraki Prefecture and affecting surrounding areas such as Tokyo and Saitama, there were, thankfully, no reports of any damage or injuries. But even so, many were still left with their nerves quite shaken.

That is, except for this super-chill gorilla at Chiba Zoo, who seemed straight-up bored, if anything.

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Predicting Japan’s next big earthquake–should we worry? Probably

Japan is home to 110 active volcanoes, 47 of which are monitored continually by the Japan Meteorological Association (JMA). Japan also holds seven percent of all the active volcanoes in the world.

Last year, Mount Ontake in Nagano Prefecture exploded without warning, killing over 60 people, many of them hikers. Mount Hakone in the hot springs resort town near Mount Fuji is on level-2 alert. Mount Fuji itself, a dormant volcano and World Heritage site is being looked at with a wary eye by many and authorities are advising hikers to wear helmets, dust masks and goggles when climbing. The volcano that most appears in the news, however, is Sakurajima, located off Kyushu, which is also one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

“Dutchsinse,” a self-proclaimed “News Personality” who has a cult following on Facebook and YouTube gives a near daily video update of volcanic and earthquake activity around the world. He recently highlighted Japan’s volcanoes and earthquakes and warns that pressure building in the region of Sakurajima, along with other multiple large eruptions in the Pacific region, could be a sign of something bigger to come.

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People in Japan are growing concerned that another major earthquake might hit soon

We don’t think we have to tell you that when some lunatic wearing a sandwich board starts telling you that the earth will open up and swallow humanity whole if you don’t do seven Hail Marys, constantly chant “Yahweh,” and transfer a small donation exceeding 10 dollars to his PayPal account right now, you can probably take that prediction with a grain of salt.

But, when it comes to earthquakes, there are actually some pretty solid, observable predictors that one may be coming soon. And, holy crap you guys, there are a bunch of those happening right now in Japan and I for one am starting to get worried.

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