Watch as a group of vigilantes goes around Ikea in China, using interesting tactics to get people up out of the beds in the store.

As the largest furniture retailer in the world, Ikea is well-known for its huge showrooms, housed in massive warehouses that are so big you could easily get lost inside them.

In China, where eight of the ten biggest Ikea stores in the world are located, customers have been known to lose themselves in one particular section of the warehouse, happily burying themselves under fluffy doonas and stacks of pillows on display beds in the bedroom area.

This phenomenon of sleeping in Ikea display beds is so widespread in China that Ikea had to ban customers in 2015, after people complained about being unable to sample the furniture.

Despite the ban, customers continue to snooze in the display rooms, much to the ire of some visitors, including an online video celebrity who goes by the handle longgekuaipao. Recently, he and his friends decided to go on a mission to get these sleeping beauties up out of bed, and the video they shared on Chinese video sharing site Weibo shows just how effective they were.

Take a look at the clip below:

As you can expect, none of the people in the clip were happy about being woken from their slumber.

As part of their cunning plan to avoid confrontation, the boys who woke people in bed simply pretended they were admiring the furniture and accessories, while the angry people yelled things like “What is this?!” and “Are you funny in the head?!” at them.

In one case, the group of sleep-busters even lifted the mattress the person was sleeping on, in a feigned attempt to inspect the slats.

▼ Sleeping in a bed at Ikea brings a whole new meaning to testing out the furniture.

While it appears that Ikea beds are just way too comfortable for customers in China to resist sleeping on, there’s no word yet as to whether or not the company will make moves again to try to ban the practice at their stores. Given the inherent problems involved in policing such a ban, it might just have to be left to groups like these to shame people out of bed at Ikea. Either that or customers will have to resign themselves to just looking at the furniture as if it’s a photo in a catalogue, complete with sleeping model included.

Images: YouTube/正义恶搞娱乐频道
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