The poor female assistant teacher was rushed to hospital caused by a malicious prank.

Junior high school students in Japan are generally well-behaved, though occasionally a few naughty ones may slip through the disciplinary system and wreak juvenile havoc.

It seems one junior high school in Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture ran into a nasty case recently when a female assistant teacher found her soup bowl filled to the brim with soy milk soup during school lunch. Since it was too much for her, the teacher poured half the bowl back into the huge communal container that the soup was served from.

▼ Little did she know that it contained more than just food.

She felt an odd prickling sensation in her mouth after lunch, and thus proceeded to the school nurse’s office. It was there that the truth came to light: she had consumed an unknown amount of laxative.

It wasn’t long before another three students from her eighth grade class reportedly fell ill to the same cause. Upon further investigation a student confessed to crushing commercial laxative tablets and sprinkling it into the soy milk soup as a nasty prank meant for the assistant teacher. But since she poured half of it back into the communal container at the start, it also inadvertently affected the three students who went back for seconds.

The culprit has since apologized for the incident, but Japanese netizens remain furious:

“Won’t he get arrested?”

“If you are really sorry, then you should take the laxative yourself and understand how it feels.”

“When you lace food with drugs, it’s no longer a prank. The culprit should bear the cost of medical fees involved.”

“It’s clearly a crime. Stop giving special treatment just because they are kids. They have to learn the rules of society.”

“This is terrible. He’d have to be a psychopath if he thought it was a prank.”

The teacher was promptly rushed to hospital, and is currently making smooth recovery. Had she not poured half away and instead drank the entire bowl of soup, things might have turned out very differently.

We can only assume that the school has dealt appropriate disciplinary action, although seeing how a high school principle skirted the issue of a student violently assaulting his teacher, we can’t really be too sure.

Source: Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko
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