Japanese Twitter user’s crazily extreme device is perfect for when you need multiple tissues, stat.

On busy shopping streets in Japan, you can often see people handing out packets of tissues, advertising something or other. Being the kind of cheapskate who doesn’t like buying something he can get for free, I take every opportunity to stock up on the free tissues, to the point where the cupboard under my bathroom sink is near choc-a-bloc with them, waiting for their chance to sacrifice themselves upon an altar of nasal mucus. The only problem is that getting them out of their plastic wrapper can be pretty fiddly and when you’re about to sneeze, even a second can make the difference between catching the contents of your blocked-up nose and disaster. If only there were a way to get tissues from their packets to nose height quicker.

Our nasal-vation is at hand with Japanese Twitter user @H4kK4‘s new invention which launches tissues upwards at high speed.


While picking up all those tissues afterwards may seem like a chore, think about how much easier it is than wiping and disinfecting floors, walls, and for the particularly energetic sneezer, ceilings.

The invention itself is just a two pairs of wheels and motors, which begs the question of what other uses could this be put to? Toasters, letter boxes, business card cases…the over-worked businessman could claw back literally seconds a year with the correct application of this technology. Ideas below; we’ll split the profits.

While some people may question the necessity of the extreme tissue launcher, and some of the other weird and wonderful inventions to come out of Japan, we salute this inventor and others of their ilk in their steadfast determination to make our lives ever so slightly more convenient.

Source: Twitter/@H4kK4 via jin115
Featured image: Twitter/@H4kK4
Top image: Pakutaso