With queues out the door for the new limited-edition Tokyo Banana Kit Kat, we grab a pack to see if it’s really worth all the hype.

Every time Nestlé Japan releases a new Kit Kat variety for the local market, customers are ready and waiting to welcome it with open arms – and open wallets as well. That’s certainly the case with the exciting new Tokyo Banana Kit Kat, which went on sale exclusively at Tokyo Station on 15 November, as Japanese customers have been queuing out the door to get their hands on the special variety for themselves and as souvenirs for family, friends and coworkers back home.

The huge popularity of the new flavour is due to the fact that Tokyo Banana, in its original bite-sized banana-shaped cake form, is the capital’s most popular edible souvenir. When people heard that the banana custard usually used for the steamed cakes was now going to be sandwiched in between Kit Kat wafers, it blew everyone’s minds and quickly became one of the most sought-after commodities at Tokyo Station.

When we arrived at Tokyo Okashi Land, the exclusive retailers of the new Kit Kat, there was a lot of fanfare surrounding the product, with staff holding up signboards and shouting out news about the Tokyo Banana flavour to passersby.

▼ There were signs outside the store and around the station…

▼ And cute eye-catching elements celebrating the collaboration in-store.

▼ Large screens were also set up to attract everyone’s attention to the new product.

The staff even got dressed up for the occasion, with red-and-black-and-white outfits to match the colours of the Kit Kat logo, and cute pins from the Tokyo Banana tie-up on their hats and bags.

Unlike many limited-edition products from other companies, which sell out quickly to the disappointment of customers, Nestlé made sure they had plenty of stock on hand to meet the huge demand for the new Kit Kat.

▼ Staff were continuously replenishing stock as lines snaked around the corner of the store.

Some customers appeared to be happy to pick up one box for themselves, while others could be seen stocking up with at least half-a-dozen purchases in their basket.

Passersby were instantly drawn to all the bright yellow boxes in the store, all beautifully arranged in neat displays with lots of banana embellishments.

Clear boxes with plastic Kit Kat replicas explained all the different elements that went into the collaborative release, including the use of milk chocolate and a banana cream in between the wafers to recreate the flavour of Tokyo Banana. The chocolates are also stamped with the Tokyo Banana logo, which includes its distinctive bow ribbon.

 And for the uninitiated, there were signs in different languages to explain the story behind the new product.

▼ The Kit Kats come in two sizes, with packs of eight retailing for 702 yen (US$6.24)…

▼ And packs of 15 priced at 1,296 yen.

We picked up an eight-pack, and after a short wait in line, we were ready to escape the madness of excited shoppers to enjoy the sweet away from the crowds in our quiet office.

▼ The Kit Kat still looked gorgeous away from the bright lights and fancy trimmings of the store promotion.

If you love Tokyo Banana, or any other banana-flavoured sweets, these chocolates will definitely have you swooning.

Inside each individually wrapped package is a pair of chocolate wafer bars that have been designed to represent a couple of tiny bananas, by being joined at one side and split down the middle. The words “Tokyo Banana” appear on the chocolate in Japanese, along with the signature bow-topped banana logo.

Snapping into these is surprisingly entertaining, as it’s just like prying apart a pair of bananas! Not only are they a treat for the eyes; they’re also a treat for the tastebuds too, with each bite containing a delicious blend of milk chocolate and banana flavour. And you can tell that it’s not an artificial low-quality banana additive used either – this one is creamy and delicious, and tastes very similar to the fresh fruit.

The Tokyo Banana Kit Kats are definitely worth trying. They’re beautifully packaged and make for a great souvenir while visiting the capital. And the flavours are so great, even non-banana lovers won’t be able to resist giving them a taste test!

The Kit Kats can be purchased at Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo Sweets Land) located at Ichiban-gai outside the Tokyo Station turnstiles from 15 November to 9 January. After that, the product will become available at more stores around the Kanto region, including airports, train stations and highway rest areas.

Photos © SoraNews24