Japan gets Captain America chest pillow, Thor hammer tissue holder in new Marvel lifestyle line

You can cuddle with Cap and keep your nose clean with Thor’s hammer.

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Kanna Hashimoto wins Guinness World Record for getting tissues really fast

Hashimoto becomes the undisputed, certified Queen of Tissues.

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Japanese masturbatory aid Tenga creates tissue-dispensing hat for…various purposes【Photos】

White stuff comes right out of the slit!

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Random act of kindness in a Japanese toilet cubicle has us reaching for tissues

If you’ve ever been stranded and desperate in a public bathroom, you’ll recognize the enormity of this stranger’s kindness.

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Twitter user’s ridiculous tissue launching invention will revolutionise getting a cold【Video】

Japanese Twitter user’s crazily extreme device is perfect for when you need multiple tissues, stat.

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Mop up your spring sniffles with Rose of Versailles-themed tissues (plus, merchandise range)

Blowing your nose doesn’t have to be boring! Take advantage of the hayfever season and soak up the snot with these cute, shojo-manga-themed tissues.

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Japan continues to invent items it thinks you want!

In the States, the only time you would normally see a moist towelette is if you are eating a plate of Buffalo wings or ribs. Everyone knows those napkins are a life saver when it comes to getting that sticky sauce off your fingers. But then there are those other times when you think, “WHY AREN’T THERE ANY WET NAPS?!?” Chips, Cheetos, fresh juicy fruit, spilled ice cream, baby messes, the list goes on and you need a wet nap NOW!

Wet napkins are much more common in Japan, and the CCP Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Bandai Namco Group) has made it so you may never be more than an arm’s length away from a wet tissue!

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The world’s most expensive tissues? Might as well wipe your boogers on a $100 bill!

The Japanese paper company Daishowa First has announced their newest high-quality product: a tissue box containing soft and luxurious tissues of 12 different hues. The product is named ‘Juunihitoe‘, a traditional Japanese word that refers to a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono worn by a court lady. It’s a fittingly regal name for something that will probably only be bought by A-list celebs with too much money on their hands. We don’t all have 100 dollars to drop on our snot-catchers, do we?!

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Japanese Parent Finds Ideal Place to Hide Tissues from Baby, Earns Respect from Internet

Infants love boxes of tissue, and playing with tissue boxes can be a great way for them to develop sensory perception and fine motor skills.

However, once the necessary experience has been met, it can be hard to get them to stop pulling out every piece into a fluffy white pile on the floor. One Twitter user uploaded a photo of her solution to this problem amid cheers of “genius.”

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