Japanese boy’s perfect version of the Bubbly Dance manages to be even funnier and more impressive than the original.

A while ago, the Japanese internet went wild for an innovative dance routine by the girls of Osaka’s Tomioka High School’s dance club. Based on the ‘Bubble period’ during the 1980s when the Japanese economy boomed, the girls’ stunning choreography and retro costumes led to them winning a national competition and coming second in another, but it was only after the videos made their way onto the Internet that they really gained national attention.

Other groups have tried to copy their frenetic movements, with varying degrees of success, but a tweet by Twitter user @bnkb0402 has brought us what must be the cutest version, as a young boy adorably apes the harsh movements and spins of the routine. For more than two energetic minutes he hops and jumps about, the whole time wearing a massive, beaming smile on his face.


Despite his age, the young boy has managed to remember all of the intricate moves, and while his face may not quite match the deadpan countenances of the girls’, his movements are in perfect time with the rhythm. While not quite to the same level as the original dance, the agile, unnamed acquaintance of @bnkb0402 has seen his video go viral with viewers unable to click away from his cute looks and masterful footwork.

The original Tomioka girls have also released a new video of their routine, a glossier, bigger budget version of the routine that made them famous, which starts at the school they all attend before moving on (in very funny style) to a suitably ’80s discotheque where they perform to other classic songs. The video features a voice appearance by Nora Hirano, the Japanese comedienne whose career is built on Bubble Period nostalgia and wearing equally dated, garish clothing.

While these won’t be the last Bubbly videos to appear online, @bnkn0402’s video will likely hold on to the title of cutest version ever. At least until someone trains a Shiba Inu to do the routine in costume. We’ve got the strings and pulleys, now all we need is…

Source: Twitter/@bnkb0402 via Netolabo
Featured image: Twitter/@bnkb0402