Osaka students get backing from Warner Music and 20th Century Fox for latest video.

Last year a dance club from Tomioka High School in Osaka Prefecture gained worldwide fame for their ’80s themed Bubbly Dance. Although it only won second place in the competition it was designed for, little did the girls know that it was about to open some really big doors for them.

▼ In case you missed it.

On 16 January, Warner Music Japan posted the Tomioka High School Dance Club’s follow-up video featuring all of the girls – 72 to be exact – dancing to the theme song for the Hugh Jackman musical The Greatest Showman, which doesn’t come out here in Japan until 16 February.

Enjoy it in all its Hollywood-polished glory!

Since the performers are all high school students, the entire video from concept to creation had to be done around their already hectic Japanese curriculum. For one month during winter vacation, the girls learned all of their extremely synchronized moves through rigorous training.

Then a 12-hour shoot that began at 6:30 a.m. in a neighboring prefecture’s high school was held involving drone cameras, tracking shots, and all the other trappings of a major production.

The result is great but the only setback is that all of the quick edits kind of diminish the pure talent of the dancers that could be seen in the audience-filmed videos of their Bubbly Dance. But hey, this is just me speaking…

You see, because that’s the name of the…song, ahem.

Anyway, much like Hugh Jackman’s P.T. Barnum, these girls are skyrocketing from mere students to major entertainers overnight, so it’s a fitting combination. Perhaps in the same way our own resident pole-dancer Mr. Sato can do some writhing around to promote Alien: Covenant on Blu-Ray.

▼ Japanese record labels sometimes have an odd habit of blacking out their videos outside of Japan, so just in case, here it is from an alternate source.

Source, top image: YouTube/Warner Music Japan