Home workout fun: Get in shape with Creamy Mami magical girl anime exercise videos

“Creamy exercises” with a Japanese CG pop idol makes “butt training” and “punch time” fun.

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Akihabara in the ’80s looked very different to Tokyo’s otaku mecca today【Video】

Stroll the streets of Electric Town at a time when computers and video games were just beginning to appear on the scene

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The Japanese ‘80s are back at this Tokyo photo studio that turns you into a Bubble Era-idol【Pics】

Fire up your city pop playlist for a visit to Asakusa’s legendary Marubell, where the ’80s never totally went away.

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Japanese Twitter obsessed with app that revives the VHS camcorder recording quality of the ‘80s

The app turns your high quality smartphone camera into a handheld VHS camcorder

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Japan’s Bubbly Dance craze is back in its cutest incarnation yet【Video】

Japanese boy’s perfect version of the Bubbly Dance manages to be even funnier and more impressive than the original.

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Singapore appears to have had a special place in David Bowie’s heart

Singaporeans remember David Bowie fondly, as well as his 1980s documentary in which the Southeast Asian city-state appeared.

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They made anime back then? (Part 2): Five old-school anime theme songs that still rock today

You may recall that we recently brought to you an article introducing five old-school anime that we thought were cool even today. While writing that story, we were reminded of how many awesome anime theme songs there are from over 20 years ago — so much so that we decided we just had to share some of the songs with you! So, join us for another trip back in time, this time a musical one, as we present you with videos of five old-time anime theme songs that still rock today even though they’ve been around for over two decades. Hopefully, you’ll agree with us that these songs are worthy of having withstood the test of time!

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They made anime back then? Five old-school anime that we still love today

Do you have a favorite anime? Nowadays, especially with so much information and videos available on the Internet, we’re surrounded by so much anime of every genre conceivable that it’s easy to forget works that haven’t had significant recent exposure. But as you may well be aware, Japanese anime has been around for a long time. So today, we thought we’d take you on a trip back in time to share with you five of our favorite anime from more than 20 years ago, which we still think are awesome even today.

Whether you’re a long-time anime fan or a relative newcomer, come take a look at our selection and see what you think. (And by the way, the anime are listed in no particular order, since it was too hard to decide which anime we like the best!)

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“Yankee Anthropology” exhibit in Hiroshima now open to the public

To most people around the world, the word ‘Yankee’ is used as a (sometimes derogatory) slang term for Americans in general. To most Americans, ‘Yankee’ refers to a person living in one of the six northeastern states of New England. To die-hard Red Sox fans, just hearing the phrase ‘New York Yankees’ is enough to make their blood boil. But that’s a different story…

Curiously enough, the word ‘yankee’ (ヤンキー) has also established itself within the Japanese lexicon, albeit with extremely different connotations. In Japan, a ‘yankee’ conjures up images of juvenile delinquents and biker gangs (more on that later). While this Japanese subculture may have died down considerably since its heyday in the 1980s, one museum in Hiroshima Prefecture has just opened a special exhibit titled ‘Yankee Anthropology’This exhibit explores Yankee culture from a serious, academic perspective and includes various related realia. If you’ve always been fascinated by this aspect of Japanese subculture, now’s the perfect excuse to head over to Hiroshima!

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