Shiba Inu are a breed of dog popular not just in their native country of Japan, but all over the world. Perhaps it’s due to the fame of the internet’s favourite doggie, Doge, or perhaps it’s just because they’re so darn smiley and adorable, but people just can’t get enough of them.

One Japanese site picked out their favourite photos of Shiba Inu living overseas, so join us after the break for a huge dose of Shibe cuteness.

▼ So happeeee!

▼ Can’t you see I’m working?

▼ A big part of their appeal has to be their deliciously smooshable cheeks.

▼ And also sticking their cute little heads out of things.

▼ Shibe contemplates the world.

▼ All tucked up in bed.

▼ My kitty! Go get your own!

▼ So many Shibes.

▼ Notice me, senpai!

▼ Rockin’ a sombrero while looking adorably confused.

▼ If I plant a Shiba Inu hair can I grow my own?

▼ Peek-a-boo!

▼ And of course we can’t have a Shiba Inu post without our lord and saviour Doge.


If these cuties didn’t brighten your day at least a little, then I don’t know what will!

Source: Curazy
Top Image: Imgur

Other Images: Imgur