These public seats were not made for human rear ends.

The simple act of sitting down can be a complex issue in Japan, as train commuters sometimes ponder whether to take that prized seat during rush hour or suffer hour-long stands.

Japanese Twitter user @C_Kyoro spotted some public seating in Tokyo that solves that conundrum though, by making them so uninviting that no sane person would dare rest their bottom on it.

“The sign of an intolerant society:
far from not allowing people to sleep, not even allowing them to sit.”

These would have been decent rest stops for tired feet if not for the conspicuous metal plate jutting out of the center. Even leaning against the seating seems to be out of the question since the panels have forbidden signs imprinted on them.

Perhaps the plates were meant to discourage people from sleeping on them, but if they’re no longer considered proper seats, wouldn’t it make sense to remove them altogether?

Japanese netizens were just as puzzled:

“I would take a stroll in the park and take a power nap on a bench when I was a salaryman, but those days seem to be long gone.”

“That blade-like construction is dangerous. What if people fall and injure themselves?”

“I think it’s to prevent skateboarders from grinding on them. But if that’s the case, why not remove them completely instead?”

“Those things feel almost malicious.”

▼ One Twitter user compared it with
some found in Canada. (Translation below)

“This here’s a bench in Canada, designed to shelter homeless people from rain if required. What a great design and a good example of proper tax usage.”

We honestly have no idea how a design like this could have ever been approved, let alone implemented. Aside from birds, we don’t imagine anyone foolhardy enough to rest their rear ends on those hideous seats. Futuristic wearable chairs, however, are a different story.

Source: Twitter/@C_Kyoro via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@C_Kyoro