Proof that you can enjoy video games no matter how old you are.

One of the things we love about Japan is the spirit of the people here, who refuse to let things like age stop them from doing the things they’re passionate about. So far, we’ve seen an 88-year-old grandma take up Photoshop, a 93-year-old become a star model on Instagram, and a hip-hop dancing trio with an average age of 59 years between them, and now it’s time to be inspired by the older generation yet again, after a new video surfaced online recently.

The clip, posted by Twitter user @XEP_BOSS, shows a couple at a Japanese game arcade, casually enjoying a game of Dance Dance Revolution. The couple don’t seem to care who is watching them, as they get caught up in matching the steps that appear on the screen as they make their way through the game.

Take a look at the video below:

@XEP_BOSS was impressed by the couple’s skills, affectionately dubbing them the “DDR grandpa and grandma“. People who saw the video were equally impressed, leaving comments like:

“I wish I could move as well as these two!” 
“Aw, they seem so young! This has brought a smile to my face.” 
“It’s great to see older people embracing a game rather than just admonishing it.”
“I too want to be a gamer for as long as I live!”
“I wonder if we’ll see more couples like this as the younger generation gets older in the future?”

This spritely DDR-loving couple certainly prove that you don’t have to be young to enjoy video games, and it’s true that it might not be long before we see more older people waiting for their turn on the machines at gaming centres around the country. Let’s just hope it doesn’t create the perfect setting for an intense video game showdown like this one between a father and his potential son-in-law!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@XEP_BOSS