It looks like a sakura drink, but it gets its colour from a different blend of ingredients.

Every time Starbucks adds a new beverage to their menu in Japan, we can’t wait to head out as soon as it’s released so we can see what it tastes like for ourselves. That’s exactly what we did today, when the global coffeehouse chain started offering a colourful new latte to help brighten the short winter days here in Japan.

Called the Pink Medley Tea Latte, this frothy new beverage looks absolutely beautiful once it’s served. If you’re thinking of ordering one of these, we recommend asking for it to be served up in a mug so you can enhance its beauty and its delicious flavour.

The unusual pink colour here comes from the fact that the drink is made from a fruity tea blend called the Teavana “Joyful Medley”. Each teabag contains ingredients like peach and strawberry, mixed with a black tea, jasmine tea, and oolong tea base.

Plenty of foamed milk is used to balance the strong fruit and tea flavours, creating a delightfully frothy light pink surface. Peering underneath the pale pink topping reveals a richer pink colour that permeates throughout the entire drink.



The tea itself is incredibly fruity, with the peach and strawberry punching right through the milk to make it taste like a delicious hot fruit juice. It’s both creamy and refreshing at the same time, and is definitely a drink we’ll be coming back for again before the end of winter.

The Pink Medley Tea Latte is available in four sizes, from Short to Venti, ranging in price from 464-504 yen (US$4.17-$5.33). The limited-edition beverage will be on menus at Starbucks outlets around the country until 14 February.

Photos © SoraNews24
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