And customers are reportedly rather satisfied with the results.

Pale white skin is considered beautiful in Japan, one of the beauty fads that Westerners can’t quite comprehend. Whether it be tanning or whitening, some people take skin tones and complexion rather seriously.

A hospital in Bangkok might have just taken it to another level by offering genital bleaching procedures to customers. While such services are already available to women, this one’s a first for men.

▼ The procedure employs the same pigmentation laser equipment
used in bleaching women’s genitalia.

Demand for the treatment has surged ever since it was introduced last July in Lelux Hospital, with the facility taking up to 100 clients a month, or around four clients a day.

Quick and painless, the bleaching treatment requires advanced booking and reportedly costs $650 for five sessions. Depending on the individual and the extent of whitening desired, more than five sessions may be required.

When you think about it, anal and vaginal whitening have been around for ages, so naturally it’s only a matter of time before the penis gets the same amount of attention. Before long, tanning dongs might become a thing too one day.

“I’ve got a surprise in my pants. Guess what color it is.”

Health authorities have warned that the procedure may cause extensive skin irritation, allergies, or inflammation, though no issues have been raised since its implementation.

Fancy a surprise for your significant other? Then perhaps a trip to the Lelux Hospital might be in order, though there’s no telling if other clinics have already started the service to satisfy the surging demand. Or you could always get some tips from apprentice geisha on how to achieve beautiful skin.

Source: Tech Times, YouTube/Insider Thailand via Oddity Central
Top image: YouTube/Insider Thailand
Insert image: Pakutaso