Can’t be bothered to to spend hours in front of the mirror? These products are for you!

Are you struggling with skin problems, but hate spending an hour or more on skin care and cosmetics? Do you constantly oversleep and miss out on quality makeup time? Or do you, for some incomprehensible reason, refuse to use these Pokemon face packs?

Don’t worry, there’s an easy way for you to look beautiful and be lazy, at the same time!

Try one of these seven “Lazy Cosmetics” to help keep your skin moist, your hair neat, and your face fresh and clean with little to no effort!

1. Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack

This gel-type applicant is meant to seal in products, like toners and moisturizers, that were supposed to have been applied beforehand, but we won’t judge you if you just use this. Your skin won’t complain, either! According to the packaging, it’s great for dry skin, and promises “luxuriantly soft and smooth skin in the morning”. There’s a small trial pack that you can buy at your local drug store but the regula-size jar is about 1,500 yen (about US$13.50).

It’s also got rice milk in it, so bonus points for natural ingredients!

Twitter users say:

“I decided to try out Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack because the mini size was really cheap, and the feel of my skin seems so much better. It’s so springy now! I’ve been a little worried about the gloss of my skin lately, so I might be putting too much on, but it feels great! Even the mini size has plenty, so I’m a satisfied customer.”

“Lately I’ve been using Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack, and I highly recommend it. My skin feels so soft! I love touching my face in the morning because it’s soft and smooth, but not sticky.”

“The Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack is unexpectedly excellent – all you have to do is put it on after the rest of your skin care and go to sleep! My skin is soft and plump without being sticky. It’s really good!”

2. Elixir Night Pack

Much like the Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack, this gel by Shiseido is meant to be applied before bed, after applying all other products so that you can wake up with a lustrous, soft skin. But for the lazy ladies of the world, simply applying the gel will have plenty of positive benefits! It contains collagen for aging prevention, and a relaxing floral scent. It sells at most drug stores for about 2,800 yen ($25.19).

Twitter users say:

“No matter how long I skip my skincare routine and how dry my skin gets as a result, if I use this Shiseido Elixir Night Pack for just one night, it becomes so smooth and springy!”

“Elixir Night Pack is Amazing!!! In just one night my skin is so elastic!!! I’m definitely going to use it again!!!”

The only reason why my skin is so nice is because of Elixir Night Pack!”

3. ZuboLabo Night Time Lotion Wipes

Getting its name from the Japanese word “zubora” which means “sloppy” or “unkempt”, ZuboLabo’s lotion wipes are a big hit with the ZuboLadies (see what we did there?) of Japanese Twitter. Since it’s got the benefit of being an all-in-one solution, you don’t have to do anything before or after using these wipes, since they remove makeup, wash your face, and tone and moisturize your skin. At just 900 yen for 35 sheets, these are the most economical, and the most useful, way of taking care of your skin with little effort.

Twitter users say:

“ZuboLabo’s products are perfect for my sloppy self. I highly recommend their night and morning wipes!”

After I used it I went to bed without using any lotion or toner and I woke up surprised to see that there was no makeup left at all! The next time I ride a night bus I’m definitely going to use it.”

I recommend them if you have to remove your makeup during the day!”

4. Butter Spray

This is not the kind of butter that you spray on to a pan before you make muffins. We don’t claim to be experts, but we don’t believe that would be very good for your skin. No, this spray is made out of 98 percent shea butter! Boasting “speedy moist” capabilities, it’s said to fix those dry hands and feet in just three seconds, because it’s an already warm and easy to apply spray, rather than a thick balm. So you don’t have to worry about wasting time on scooping up and softening regular shea butter with your hands, then laboriously massaging it in. It’s available for 1,200 yen ($10.80).

Twitter users say:

“Butter spray is the best, isn’t it?!”

It’s amazing that I can take care of my skin with just a spray. It doesn’t sit on the skin, so you can get dressed right away after using it!”

“I received the butter spray from an event. It really does work in just seconds, it’s so easy! It moisturizes nicely and smells good too!”

5. Saborino Quick Dry Spray

For those who really hate taking the time to blow-dry their hair, Saborino’s Quick Dry Spray is said to be a godsend. There are two kinds: the regular (yellow) and the high moisture retention (pink). This product uses the power of SCIENCE to dry your hair faster with a hair dryer – without being dangerous science, of course! Plus, it’s got a delightful fruity scent and lots of styling oils mixed into it, so you can make sure you’re not damaging your silky locks. You can buy this for 1,300 yen ($11.70).

Twitter users say:

“The Saborino Quick Dry Spray is so convenient, I’ve been using it every day. Yesterday I tried not using it and the hair dryer took FOREVER.

“I have become a creature that can no longer live without the Saborino Quick Dry Spray…”

“I tried out the Saborino Quick Dry Spray. It does make your hair dry quickly, and my hair felt so smooth afterwards! The can is cute, too.”

6. Saborino Wake-up Masks

Masks are a great way to do all-in-one skin care, but don’t worry, we won’t suggest you try the terrifying cat masks again. Saborino’s Wake-up Masks are great if you don’t have much time in the morning: just put one on first thing when you wake up, take it off sometime before you run out the door, and you’ll have washed, toned, and moisturized your face! According to the package, it really only needs 60 seconds to work. Plus, it’s got a nice fruity scent and it’s packed with tons of natural ingredients, like orange and grapefruit oils and avocado extracts. There are five varieties, with each pack of 28 selling for 1,300 yen ($11.70).

Twitter users say:

“After I wear it for just one minute, it’s way easier to put on makeup. My favorite is the whitening version because it smells the best and is the most refreshing, even though the orange one is nice too. But they’re hard to find so I always buy all of them when I see them.”

“When it’s cold I hate washing my face, so I buy Saborino’s Wake-up Masks. When I’m too lazy to get up in the morning I’ll put it on while I lay in bed.”

“I think the most important things a skin care product needs are moisturizing elements and UV protection. When I wake up, I wash my face and put this mask on and then I can go and do other things in the meantime, which is great for my slowpoke self. It’s also a moisturizer so when I take it off I can go straight to putting on makeup. It’s very refreshing and also helps wake me up.”

7. From Roots to Ends Hair Milk

Don’t be alarmed: just like the butter, this does not contain real milk. It’s a hair styling lotion that also provides damage care and protection and is great for those who are too lazy to mess with irons, gels, and sprays. Simply pump a suitable amount into your hands, making sure you’ve got plenty, and gently massage it into every bit of every strand of hair, from roots to ends. Then style! Simple as that. It goes on light and keeps hair smooth, plus, (and we see a trend here) you’ll get a nice fruity smell! You can get it for 600 yen ($5.40).

Twitter users say:

“Just by massaging it into my hair it keeps the moisture in and I can style it so easily!”

“I was so happy when one of my guy friends said to me, “You smell really nice.” That’s why I really recommend you use this styling milk if you generally tend to have straight hairstyles. The smell and the convenience are the best!”

“Just by mixing it thoroughly into my hair it brought my split ends together! It even reduced the dryness. My morning styling time was cut in half!”

There are a plethora of great products out there, so it can be hard to figure out what’s right for you. Lazy girls have an extra hard time finding beauty products that won’t cost them that precious time in bed. Hopefully these peer reviews can help you pick out a few products that meet your needs. If not, here are some other well-loved beauty products to try out, and if you’re into the exotic, you can also DIY your own KFC bath salts.

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Pakutaso