Just plop it onto anything you want to protect and it’ll alert you immediately when someone touches it.

Getting comfy in a cafe with your laptop out can be a good way to get some much needed work done on the go, but what happens if you need to head to the toilet or order another cappuccino?

Trene, a handy alarm system that smashed its crowdfunding goal recently, lets you do just that without having to worry about people who might swipe your valuables.

Resembling a thimble no larger than a pebble, Trene protects anything it’s placed on by making use of its in-built accelerometer. Any attempt to budge whatever it’s safeguarding will trigger a high-pitched alarm that’ll alert anyone in the vicinity.

▼ Here’s a short video of Trene in action.

The rechargeable unit costs 6,800 yen (US$61.30). Operation is as simple as switching it on, pairing with your smartphone via bluetooth, then plopping it down. Once the owner has returned, Trene will communicate with the app to allow seamless alarm deactivation.

Although it sees the most use as a laptop alarm, Trene can be placed on just about anything including luggage, handbags, or even coffee. You wouldn’t want someone’s dirty paws touching your drink right?

Trene can also be customized to be used in a variety of environments, from quiet places like offices or restaurants to unstable surroundings like trains or buses.

▼ All you need is a few clicks and it’s good to go.

▼ Compatible with Apple and Android devices, the handy smartphone app
lets users know Trene’s state, signal reception, and how much juice is left.

▼ The unit glows green when on standby and flashes red when the alarm goes off.
Four LED alarm patterns can also be used to add that personal touch to the gadget.

Trene will be available at King Jim stores across Japan starting from 23 February.

While there’s absolutely no way to stop someone from ignoring the alarm and making off with that fancy laptop or delicious latte, it does serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves. Failing that, perhaps some anti-theft bird poop stickers will achieve the same effect.

Source: Trene, King Jim
Top image: YouTube/King Jim
Insert images: Trene