No magical powers required to create sweets, ice cubes, and juice snacks that look like the anime’s Silver Crystal and more.

Chocolates are a time-tested way of expressing your love for that special someone. But jut what type of chocolates should you give?

If your sweetheart with a sweet tooth also happens to be an anime fan, there’s really no better choice than chocolates shaped like the regalia of anime/manga magical girl extraordinaire Sailor Moon.

Unfortunately, despite a mountain of licensed merchandise, you can’t just walk into the store and buy Sailor Moon chocolates, but you can make them yourself, and incredibly easily, with this awesome Sailor Moon silicone mold.

The tray’s four compartments are shaped like Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal, Crystal Star Compact, Cutie Moon Rod, and Space-time Key (so with that last one, there’s a Sailor Chibi Moon salute here as well). Manufacturer Premium Bandai doesn’t list the tray as oven-usable, though, so the recommended way to use it is to purchase some pre-made chocolate, melt it down, pour it into the mold, and then put it in the freezer to reharden.

Alternatively, the tray can also be made to make ice cubes, with the Silver Crystal slot creating the most dazzling examples.

▼ Seriously, you could use this as a high-quality cosplay prop, provided you take your photos before it starts to melt.

You can also use the tray to make frozen juice treats, with the splash of color evocative of the Sailor Moon anime’s artwork.

The Sailor Moon Silicone Ice Tray is available online through the Premium Bandai website here, priced at 1,944 yen (US$17), with shipping scheduled for March.

Source: @Press
Images: Premium Bandai
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