Security check with Amazon Japan’s lowest-rated bicycle lock

When it comes to disappointing products, this thing is a lock!

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Robot security guards patrol Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

They look kind of like robot squid too.

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JR East to equip trains station staff with bodycams to protect them from attacks

Violent drunks better smile for the camera from now on.

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Adorable mandrake root plushie that screams when you pull it out of its pot could be yours soon

It’s still a prototype, but it’s garnered enough interest that it might become a full product!

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Police alerted to middle-aged man who asked woman to play catch in the park

What works for little kids, often doesn’t hold up in your 40s.

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Anti-stalker Male Voice Clip Collection for Women Who Live Alone released by Japanese band【Video】

Golden Bomber wants to help women keep unwanted callers and visitors from knowing they live by themselves.

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New service from Japanese site BountyHunter offers paid positions to rat out shoplifters

When there’s someone strange lifting your store’s goods, who you gonna call? Bounty Hunter!
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This handsome anime-style security guard will be protecting actual homes and offices in Japan

Virtual Security Guard will come in customer’s choice of male or female version.

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AI security cameras coming to stores in Japan, reduce shoplifting by 40 percent

Now, if a clerk asks to help you, it probably means you’ve been acting shady.

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Plane passenger almost gets busted for unusually-shaped chocolate in carry-on luggage

At least he has the chocolate for stress eating after this ordeal.

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New Japanese gadget guards valuables in public places, lets you leave them safely unattended

Just plop it onto anything you want to protect and it’ll alert you immediately when someone touches it.

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Chinese manufacturers already hard at work making iPhone X misuse prevention tools

Several vendors are applying a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to business strategy.

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Commotion at Akihabara Station as bomb squad called in to remove suspicious object

Dramatic scenes were captured on film today as specialist teams and truckloads of equipment were sent to the busy station in Tokyo.

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Hello Kitty Data Leak: If you have a SantrioTown account, you might want to change your password

Misconfigured database left SanrioTown user information openly accessible.

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Increased security measures could bode longer lines at Comiket

Heading to Comiket 89? You may be in for a long wait…

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The latest in Japanese iPhone security: using your butthole to lock your phone 【Video】

So everyone knows you can lock/unlock your iPhone using your thumbprint. Sure, that’s great and all, but what if you want to be even more secure? After all, what’s stopping phone thieves from stealing your fingerprints and snooping through all of your secret selfies?

Have no fear, RocketNews24’s Japanese-language writers have the perfect solution: getting your iPhone to recognize your butthole. A member of the same incredibly mature team that researched how to flavor food with burps now brings you the latest in iPhone security and will show you how to make your own iPhone something that no one could ever, or would ever want to, break into.

It probably goes without saying, but this technique is a little NSFW, so be sure no judging eyes are around before you read on.

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Sony to co-produce door locks which can be opened entirely by smartphone

The list of things you can’t do with a smartphone grows smaller and smaller as time marches on, and one more thing to cross off that list is coming in May next year. A new device is scheduled to hit the market which will allow you to open your front door using your mobile device and a special app. Called Qrio Smart Lock, its crowdfunding page boasts that you can “protect your privacy with Sony security technology.”

…Yeah. The Qrio Smart Lock will sell for 10,500 yen (US$90) and if the buzz online is any indication, people couldn’t be more terrified at its arrival.

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Chinese man locked out of his iPhone for 45 years

Everyone who has young children and iPhones has probably plucked it from a pair of little hands at one time or another and found that it was completely locked down for one minute because of too many invalid PIN entries.

For most it’s a reasonably minor inconvenience, but for one man in China it became a lifelong commitment as he was asked to wait about 45 years for his next chance to remember his personal identification number for his iPhone 4s. Really though, if he can’t remember it by then, it’s safe to say he never will.

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Can you unlock your new iPhone 6 Plus with your nipple? We can! 【Video】

When it comes to iPhones, our Japanese writing team might be the biggest fans on the planet. Or at least the strangest. And while Mr. Sato had a busy week waiting for and getting the first iPhone sold in Japan, the rest of our Japanese writers haven’t been sitting around wasting time.

Nope, they’ve been testing vital features like the new iPhone’s hand-shake compensation and security features. We already know what happens when you tape an iPhone to a massage wand…but what happens when you try to lock and unlock it with your nipple?

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Benesse apologizes to customers by giving them 5 bucks, guilts them into donating the money back

Corporations are a lot like people in many ways, we often talk about them as if they act with a single mind and purpose, and they even have legal rights as an individual. Also, like many humans in the world, some corporations seem to lack certain social graces and may deal with other people in awkward ways.

One company who we might describe as “socially special” is education industry titan Benesse. After a major security breach earlier this year nearly 30 million people’s personal information was leaked and sold. To compensate the victims, Benesse is offering a whole 500 yen (US$4.60). That alone might be interpreted as a slap in the face by some people, but it gets worse.

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