Because it’s never too early to start planning what kind of beer to bring to this spring’s cherry blossom viewing parties.

January is barely half over, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve already had enough of winter. Recently, I’ve taken to dealing with my hatred of cold weather by mentally focusing on two things: the light at the end of the tunnel represented by the still far-off beginning of spring, and beer.

Thankfully, Asahi is giving me a way to do both simultaneously. The company has unveiled its cherry blossom design packaging for 2018, and also announced that the sakura-adorned Asashi Super Dry will be on store shelves before the end of the month.

Compared to last year’s version, this year’s special sakura motif features a more vibrant shade of pink for extra springtime festiveness, with Japan’s most beloved flower/excuse to have outdoor parties in full bloom.

The beer in the cherry blossom containers of Asahi Super Dry is the same as the standard Super Dry (Japan’s best-selling beer for the past several years). But the brewer also has a new offering in the form of its Sakura no Utage (“Cherry Blossom Banquet”), a new addition to its Clear Asahi happoshu (low-malt beer) line. Made with mistral hops, Asahi promises Sakura no Utage will have a refreshingly fruity aroma.

The Super Dry sakura cans and Sakura no Utage will arrive in stores on January 30, with the special Super Dry bottles reaching restaurants and wholesalers on February 20. Asahi hasn’t said how long they’ll be available, but odds are we can expect them to continue being on sale through the hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) season of early April.

Source: Asahi via Japaaan
Images: Asahi