Asahi now sells hot bottled water in Japan as an alternative to coffee or tea

For when you want something to warm you up, but aren’t in the mood for the standard hot drinks.

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Limited-time One Piece-themed Wonda canned coffees are now on sale in Japan!

You can collect a total of 44 unique designs featuring fan-favorite characters from the best-selling manga series in Japanese history.

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Happy Father’s Day, Japan-style with the Asahi Super Dry beer tower set【Photos】

After going to all the trouble to raise you, doesn’t Dad probably need more than just a six-pack?

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Asahi paused production of its awesome removable-top beer cans, so let’s try making our own!

Can we achieve the same results with a can opener? We find out!

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Asahi Super Dry’s draft beer in a can, the Nama Jockey Can, is here【Taste test】

Bringing the izakaya draft beer experience home.

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We joined a virtual drinking party with 1,000 people, including Japanese idols and comedians

Idols, comedians and a refreshing can of beer – is there anything better?

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Asahi combines beer, cherry blossoms, and Nogizaka46 idols in touching new commercial 【Video】

Now we’re tempted to cheer “Maiyan!” at all the parties.

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Japanese beer giant Asahi buys British London Pride brewery; U.K. writer hopping mad

Would a London Pride beer brewed in the same location under Japanese management still taste as patriotic? Both sides weigh in.

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Enjoy hanami cherry blossom viewing on the Ginza Line Sakura Train in Tokyo

The special train will only be in operation for a limited time.

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Asahi Super Dry is ready for spring with new cherry blossom packaging, “Sakura Banquet” brew

Because it’s never too early to start planning what kind of beer to bring to this spring’s cherry blossom viewing parties.

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CG saleswoman deployed by Japanese brewer to hawk beer at supermarket【Video】

The future of pitching alcohol has arrived in Japan.

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Johnny Depp would like you to crack open an Asahi Super Dry in new Japanese beer ad【Video】

Hollywood star appears alongside one of Japan’s most popular musicians in Los Angeles jam session.

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Beautiful ukiyo-e woodblock print artwork appears on three of Japan’s premium beer brands

The works of Hokusai and others, admired for more than a century, lend a touch of class to your appreciation of a cold one.

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New Japanese beer brings out flavours of Kansai specialties like takoyaki and okonomiyaki

The new drink is said to pair well with famous dishes from the region.

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We try “The Dream,” Asahi’s new, purportedly “perfect” beer【Taste Test】

The beverage giant recently released this canned brew in direct response to consumer surveys asking the Japanese public to name its most desired qualities in a beer…

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Japan’s 45-year-old “Lady of Eternal Youth” strikes again in new commercial

It’s been a couple of years since we featured something about Masako Mizutani (水谷雅子) on our site, but Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth is back again and looking just as youthful as ever. Even now at 45 years of age, she’s still the envy of women everywhere with barely a wrinkle to be seen.

In fact, Ms. Mizutani’s age-defying looks are so legendary that she was (unsurprisingly) selected to star in a new commercial for Asahi’s line of  “Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen powder.” You can bet that with her endorsement, Japanese women will be flocking to stores to buy the new product. Keep reading to see the commercial now.  

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Asahi puts a new twist(er) on draft beer

Japan’s most popular alcoholic drink is beer—and now it’s easier than ever to serve perfectly! True to form for a country known for automation, Japanese brewer Asahi has released the Tornado: a machine that automatically fills cups with beer. Rather than pouring, the spigot connects to the bottom of the specially-formed cup, filling it from the bottom up. As it fills, the foam swirls, resembling a—you guessed it—tornado!

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Japanese viewers go wild after TV show introduces mackerel as possible slimming product

It’s not unusual for consumer products to suddenly explode in popularity after being introduced on a particular TV show, but when Japan’s Asahi TV introduced mackerel as a food that can be beneficial in weight loss during its home medicine program “Takeshi no Kenkou Entertainment! Minna no Kenkou Igaku” few coould have expected the overwhelming outcome.

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When you leave your seat at the ballpark to go for a beer run, you usually aren’t expecting a changeup at the beer stand, but you may do a double-take the first time you order a draft beer at the Super Dry Stand behind the infield seats at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

Instead of a smile and a familiar jerk of the handle above the tap, the worker behind the counter will now smile, set the transparent cup down on an unassuming, low-profile stand, and watch as the beer fills the cup from the bottom.

Asahi Beer and Tokyo manufacturing companies worked together to develop the bottom-up server, nicknamed “Tornado Dispenser” because of the whirlpool of foam it creates as it fills cups with beer. Read More